AEW & CM Punk Reportedly Resolve Backstage Issues & Update on Collision’s Debut Show Situation

As noted before, CM Punk was removed from all mentions of Warner Bros Discovery’s Upfront presentation featuring the official announcement of AEW’s new Collision series. Punk’s removal was due to recent issues over Ace Steel’s backstage status following his re-hiring in AEW and causing AEW’s original plans for the debut show of their new Collision series to be in doubt at the time.

PWTorch’s Wade Keller reported that his sources stated that CM Punk’s return to AEW is currently expected to either be officially announced or implied on tonight’s Dynamite show. Keller reported that AEW CEO Tony Khan is currently expected to officially announce that Collision’s debut show will be taking place at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, which is Punk’s hometown.

Keller reported that his sources also confirmed that Punk and AEW are believed to have cleared up their recent issues that had led to Punk’s removal from WBD’s press release for Collision’s official debut announcement.

In regards to the reports and rumors of Punk recently signing some legal papers, Keller reported that those spoken to within AEW stated that there was some concern over the latest situation with Punk could damage WBD’s trust in Khan and AEW being able to sufficiently deal with internal matters. Those spoken to reportedly also stated that Punk’s removal from WBD’s press release had shifted the buzz from excitement about AEW’s upcoming new show starring Punk to a week of conversations about whether or not Punk would even return to the ring for AEW.

Keller reported that there was a growing anxiety within AEW over the uncertainty of Punk’s status in the company and the drama sparked by Punk’s public statements including dating back to the All Out 2022 post-show media scrum.

In regards to AEW’s upcoming new Collision show, Keller reported that several talent spoken to had expressed concern about the new work and travel schedule they would be asked to work if Punk and AEW were unable to get on the same page. One talent spoken to stated that they did not sign up for working two television tapings per week.