Nick Khan on WWE Open to Moving RAW to New Night, Adult Third Hour for RAW, Third Hour for SmackDown

WWE CEO Nick Khan held a telecast presentation last week for the MoffettNathanson’s Inaugural Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference.

One of the topics discussed included Khan stating that the company has held internal talks over potential ideas for RAW’s third hour to make it more appealing to their adult audience in regards to “adult themed” content.

Khan also stated that WWE is also open to the idea of moving RAW off Mondays and onto a different night in the future.

“We can go any night of the week. We can go off Fridays for SmackDown, we can move off Mondays for Raw.”

Khan also stated that the company is also open to the idea of adding a third hour for their weekly SmackDown shows in the future.

In regards to the current status of WWE’s negotiations for new television deals, Khan stated that their exclusive window for talks with FOX recently ended for SmackDown but their exclusive window with NBC Universal for RAW is still active.

“We’re just out of the exclusive window with Fox. We’re still in the window with NBCU.”

Khan also stated that once the media rights for their next deals for RAW, SmackDown, and NXT are completed, the company will explore potentially adding new shows for other nights of the week.

Other topics discussed included Khan stating that WWE has been in talks to hold more international shows in 2024, the growth of their Women’s division in the future, and some of their female talent are being paid the same as their male talent.