WWE: Money in the Bank 2023 Qualifiers Announced, WWE Women’s Tag Title Match Update, AJ Styles

WWE Announces Money in the Bank 2023 Qualifiers Starting Next Week

Monday’s WWE RAW show in Hershey, Pennsylvania featured the official announcement that qualifiers for this year’s Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank matches at this July’s Money in the Bank 2023 event will be taking place starting on next Monday’s RAW show.

No other details were given regarding the upcoming Money in the Bank qualifying matches.

Shotzi to be Raquel Rodriguez’s New Tag Team Partner, Updated WWE Women’s Tag Title Match Lineup

As noted before, Liv Morgan suffered a likely rotator cuff tear injury at the May 12th SmackDown show in Knoxville, Tennessee. WWE recently announced that due to Morgan’s injury, Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez have vacated their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and new champions will be crowned in a Four-way tag team match at next Monday’s RAW show.

Monday’s RAW show in Hershey, Pennsylvania featured a singles match between Rodriguez and Sonya Deville, which was won by Rodriguez. Following the match, Deville and Chelsea Green attacked Rodriguez resulting in Shotzi running out to save Rodriguez. WWE confirmed afterwards that Shotzi will be Rodriguez’s new tag team partner for the upcoming Four-way tag team match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

This updated Women’s Tag Team titles match will now be Rodriguez & Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY) vs. Deville & Green.

AJ Styles Comments on If WWE’s New World Heavyweight Title is a “Secondary” Title

The New York Post held a recent interview with AJ Styles. One of the topics discussed included Styles’ thoughts about if WWE’s new World Heavyweight Championship is a “secondary” title due to the circumstances over its creation.

“Is it a secondary? Well if the Raw championship is held by Roman, the SmackDown championship is held by Roman, then how can you argue that it’s not? We had to make a new championship because Roman holds them all. What happens if he decides to wrestle for the World Heavyweight championship? It is what it is, and we got what we got. If we make the best of it, and if and when Roman does challenge [for it], we beat the brakes off of him, whomever it might be, then we’ll see what title’s secondary.”

Styles also gave his thoughts about Roman Reigns’ work schedule in WWE as the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

“This is what you want to do. This is what you want to be. This is what you’re trying to get to in your career. I’m not mad at him. I told him, ‘If I could do it, I would, but I’m not Roman Reigns.”