Various: PCO on His Reasons for His Decision to Leave Impact, Afa Anoa’i Jr. (Manu) Health Update, Indies

PCO on His Reasons for His Decision to Leave Impact

As noted before, PCO recently gave his notice to Impact Wrestling informing them that he will be leaving the company once his current contract expires at the end of this October.

A recent episode of the Les Anti-Pods de la Lutte podcast featured PCO as the guest. One of the topics discussed included PCO’s thoughts on his talks with Impact for a potential new contract and the issues that led to his decision to want to leave the company.

“The company began approaching me in White Plains on the weekend of September 8 and 9. They said they wanted to re-sign me, that they wanted me to stay and all that. And that it was important for the company. I asked if they could increase my salary, and creatively speaking, if I could get more involved with my character.

The next day, I thought we were going to agree on terms. It came close twice, then it drew on a bit. Then, I was told that we had to reach an agreement, at least on the phone, before Memphis, which was the 22 or 23, in order to know how to book Memphis and Bound for Glory. On Saturday no news, no phone calls, radio silence in a sense. There are a lot of people around me in the locker room who have not been renewed yet and who finished on the 22. So I figured I wasn’t going to stretch it until Bound For Glory, since my contract finishes on October 30. I felt negotiations were tough so I decided to control how I was gonna leave.

I think that’s part of the negotiations too. When there’s radio silence after they tell you ‘We want you and we will sign you’. There’s like some kind of a war of nerves that is being played. Who will break first? If they show too much interest, they know you’re going to ask for the moon, but if they show less, they think you’re going to feel less important. The goal is to find the right balance.”

PCO also gave his thoughts on if WWE’s recent wave of talent cuts had any influence on the progress of his negotiations with Impact for a potential new deal.

“Of course it did. Already there were names mentioned by people close to the office. The names that were circulating were (Matt) Riddle, (Dolph) Ziggler and Mustafa Ali. These are the three names that supposedly Impact would try to sign.”

PCO also gave his thoughts on if there has been any new movement with his talks with Impact since it was publicly revealed that he had given his notice.

“There has been some kind of a movement since I submitted my resignation. It seems that everyone has realized that PCO is leaving. It reopened the discussions a bit. Therefore, it puts me in a position where I can take the best offer possible. There are many things to consider. How are you going to be used, how much are they willing to invest in a character like mine, which is a character that’s extremely expensive because sometimes, it takes pyrotechnics, sometimes it takes a coffin, sometimes it takes a hearse. It takes a lot of creativity. It would take me the equivalent in another company.”

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Afa Anoa’i Jr. Hospitalization & Health Status Update

As noted before, Afa Anoa’i Jr., former WWE wrestler Manu, was hospitalized this past weekend due to a serious cardiac related issue.

The Anoa’i family recently provided a health update on Anoa’i stating:

From the mother of Afa Jr.

We would like to give you all an update on Afa’s cardiac condition.

First off, we would like to say thank you for the continued prayers, love, and support we are receiving for Afa at this most difficult time.

Afa has a team of cardiologists working with him and now is the most critical part of his recovery.  He will be watched closely by his physicians and continue with extensive testing, procedures, and medication. Afa was discharged home under strict guidelines due to his ejection fraction of 35%.  Afa’s father is by his side for an indefinite period of time. Afa needs to rest without any stress, and strenuous activities (he can only do some dishes, laundry and minimal stairs until further notice). His cardiologists believe with him following their strict instructions his rehabilitation  and recovery will be a success and he should return to the ring once he reaches 60%.

For everyone that knows and loves Afa, this will be the most difficult road to rehabilitation and recovery for him, since we all know he is always hands on and cannot sit still watching others. 

Wrestlers are considered independent contractors and are not eligible for the benefits we receive, so we ask for respect and privacy at this time and please understand negative comments regarding this situation and his family is very difficult for his children, family, and all of us that love him in this most difficult time of need.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support with this ongoing unexpected situation.

With love, Afa’s Mom


Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that next year’s Battle in the Valley event will be taking place on January 13, 2024 at the San Jose Civic in San Jose, California. It was also announced that tickets for this upcoming event will officially go on sale starting on October 5th.

The XFL and United States Football League (USFL) recently announced their current intent to merger their leagues together into a single new football league.

The National Wrestling Alliance recently announced that they will be holding a new set of NWA Powerrr television tapings on November 18th at the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida.

DDT Pro Wrestling recently announced that they have pulled Sanshiro Takagi and Chris Brookes from their upcoming events on September 30th in Kyoto and October 1st in Osaka, Japan. In regards to Takagi, it was announced that the reason was due to him recently suffering an eye infection injury. In regards to Brookes, it was announced that the reason was due to him suffering from shoulder-related issues.

As noted before, Sami Callihan’s contract with Impact Wrestling expires at the end of this month. Callihan recently provided an update on Twitter stating that is currently accepting bookings on the indies .

Impact announced that Scott D’Amore will be the inductor for Mike Tenay and Don West and Gail Kim will be the inductor for Tracy Brooks for their Hall of Fame 2023 ceremony at their Bound For Glory 2023 event on October 21st in Cicero, Illinois.

Impact also announced that Leon Slater will be making an appearance for the company at their upcoming UK Invasion Tour on October 26-29 in the United Kingdom.

Impact also announced two new matches for the card of their Bound For Glory 2023 event on October 21st in Cicero, Illinois:

  • Impact Knockouts World Championship – Mickie James vs. Trinity (c)
  • Impact X-Division Championship – KENTA vs. Chris Sabin (c)

Ring of Honor announced one new match for the card of their October 5th ROH TV show:

  • ROH Women’s World Championship – Leyla Hirsch vs. Athena (c)

Major League Wrestling recently announced one new match for the card of their Slaughterhouse event on October 14th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

  • Rocky Romero vs. AKIRA

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre recently announced the full card for their Noche De Campeones 2023 event later tonight in Mexico City, Mexico:

  • CMLL Welterweight Championship – Mascara Dorada vs. Titan (c)
  • CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship – Esfinge vs. Barbaro Cavernario (c)
  • CMLL World Middleweight Championship – Virus vs. Mistico (c)
  • CMLL World Trios Championship – Los Indestructibles (Cholo, Apocalipsis, & Disturbio) vs. Los Dulces AtrapaSueños (Dulce Gardenia, Espiritu Negro, & Rey Cometa) (c)
  • CMLL World Mini Estrella Championship – Pierrothito vs. Mercurio (c)
  • Vacant CMLL World Women’s Championship – Stephanie Vaquer vs. La Catalina

Game Changer Wrestling recently announced one new match for the card of their To Live And Die In Tokyo event on October 10th in Tokyo, Japan:

  • Masha Slamovich vs. Unagi Sayaka