NWA: Kamille’s NWA Contract Expiring at End of 2023, NWA Powerrr Episodes Added to The CW App, More News

Kamille’s Contract with NWA Reportedly Expiring at End of 2023

Former NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille’s contract with the National Wrestling Alliance reportedly expires at the end of this year, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that Kamille and NWA officials are on good terms with each other and there is a possibility that she could continue to work for the promotion but not be signed to a new exclusive deal with them. Johnson reported that this would be similar to Matt Cardona and several other talents who currently work for the NWA.

Johnson reported that Kamille’s husband Thom Latimer is currently under contract with the NWA and there is no change to his status with the company over Kamille’s expiring contract nor would her potential departure play any role in his current status with them.

Kamille has been work for the NWA since October of 2018.

NWA Powerrr Episodes Added to The CW Streaming App

As noted before, National Wrestling Alliance was believed to have signed a television contract with The CW that was put in jeopardy following a cocaine spot incident at an NWA event this past October. Following the incident, one option that was being considered by The CW officials was to move the NWA over to their The CW app instead.

Eight episode of NWA’s Powerrr series were recently added to The CW App on Tuesday which was later confirmed by the NWA.

It is currently not known if or when new episodes will be added to the app nor the status of NWA’s television deal with The CW.

NWA News & Notes

Tuesday’s NWA Powerrr show featured NWA commentator Tim Storm announcing that he is returning as a full-time wrestler for the company.

The National Wrestling Alliance reportedly is currently expected to announced that they will be running a new pay-per-view event in Florida on January 13, 2024, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that while the exact location is currently not known, those spoken to stated that Fort Lauderdale is the likely frontrunner for this upcoming event.

NWA reportedly drew around 1,000 for the attendance for their NWA Powerrr tapings this past Saturday in Sarasota, Florida, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that NWA officials were thrilled with the turnout for their tapings.

In a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm, current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 gave his thoughts on how he wants to see the National Wrestling Alliance grow in 2024. EC3 stated “I think international markets would be cool. I think collaborations with high-level international companies would be cool. I see growth in all aspects. Cleveland, Ohio, by putting boots to the ground, myself as the champion, being from Cleveland, I literally did everything I could to make sure that building had human beings in it. As world champion, I’m doing day one shit. I’m posting posters. I did about 34 interviews. But I am about the growth. Where do I want us to grow? It would be nice in the sense, but I think the climate has changed so much that how content is distributed, things of that nature, it’s really gonna be about what’s next as opposed to what we think we needed from the past. Because TV deals in wrestling have been the cou de grace in every company since 1993. But it’s 2023. Things have changed. Obviously, that provides stability and a home base, so hopefully we find out what that is. But also to that, there’s so many other avenues for growth that by innovative like we are, we can capitalize on and be the first at something new.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)

In the same interview, EC3 also gave his thoughts on how the NWA and other wrestling companies should target a broader audience and not just a niche fanbase for their product. EC3 stated “Numbers grow by again utilizing a foundational base, developing new, proper talents, not entitle indie wrestlers. By bringing in people that can grow, that have long-term vision, that are self-sacrificial to a brand, knowing that if a brand succeeds, they too will succeed. As far as numbers, YouTube, I’m not that good at the algorithms. But it just seems wrestling is oversaturated on YouTube, and is kind of punished on YouTube, that maybe it is acquiring what’s next as the avenue to find. You think about TV too. A couple weeks ago, we had a big all-out Tuesday night brawl for rating supremacy that totaled 1.3 million. Not a lot. So what are we fighting over? What are we boasting over? What are we really fighting for? What we should be, all companies included, fighting for is continued growth, starting with a fanbase that we don’t cater to. A niche fanbase is going to be there, thank you. They’ll be there. You need to reach out, branch out. Professional wrestling is entertainment, sport, art. It’s one of the best forums in the world when it’s done right. But we still cater to one small kind of niche that we’re losing the broad picture. I think that’s where NWA should go. I think we should drive for that. I would us being a Saturday morning kind of feature, with pay-per-views kind of pushing the limits a little bit, little more excessive. But building the youth…what I enjoy [about] going to shows and performing, fighting, is when I see families, when I see a son and his dad cheering or booing, when I know they’re cultivating memories that they will have forever. The same memories I have with my old man, whether it’s baseball or whether it’s wrestling. It’s not just about the 35-year-old triple X Gildan-wearing sweaty-palmed, bearded guy. But we really need a vast audience that deserves to see wrestling in its pure form.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)