Various: Dani Luna Signs TNA Contract, Matt Riddle Confirmed for MLW Return at Kings of Colosseum 2024, Kota Ibushi

Dani Luna Signs Contract with Impact/TNA

Impact/TNA Wrestling announced that indie talent Dani Luna recently signed an official contract with the company.

Prior to her signing, Luna made several appearances for the company since her Impact/TNA debut this past May.

MLW Confirms Return of Matt Riddle at Kings of Colosseum 2024 Event

As noted before, former WWE talent Matt Riddle is expected to be making his official return to Major League Wrestling at their upcoming Kings of Colosseum 2024 event based on a recent advertisement flyer for the event.

MLW confirmed earlier today on Twitter that Riddle will be making his official return to the company at their Kings of Colosseum 2024 event on January 6, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was also confirmed that Riddle will be facing off against Jacob Fatu in a singles match at the event.

This will be Riddle’s first appearance in MLW since April of 2018.

Kota Ibushi Comments on His Shoulder Injury Made Him Consider Retirement from Wrestling

Pro Wrestling NOAH held a recent interview with Kota Ibushi ahead of Ibushi’s scheduled appearance for the company at their The New Year 2024 event on January 2, 2024 in Ariake, Japan. One of the topics discussed included Ibushi’s thoughts about how his shoulder injury he suffered in October of 2021 made him consider the idea of retiring from wrestling.

“(I thought about retiring because) of my shoulder injury. Like in the old days, like everyone wants, there are parts of us that can’t move (like we used to). I have to use different techniques there. Of course, with my career, I can change things by doing different things, but if someone says, ‘That’s not what we want to see,’ then that’s it. That’s the end for me. So in my case, it wouldn’t be strange if it ended tomorrow. It wouldn’t be surprising if it ended in the next match. It could be a year from now, or it could be 10 years from now. I don’t know. When the demand is gone, it’s over.”

Ibushi also gave his thoughts about his past attempts at getting a match made with Naomichi Marufuji being derailed due to injuries between the two.

“It kind of fell through due to Marufuji’s injury (Ibushi said about past attempts at matches with Marufuji). I think it was the following year, when Marufuji and I were going to have a singles match in DDT. But this time, I had a dislocation on my side that had not healed yet. We both missed one singles match each. We didn’t overlap. In the end, we passed 12 years without meeting each other. During those 12 years, we both experienced a lot. Personally, I have no unfinished business. The only thing I wish I had done was to have worked with Marufuji at that time. I am the type of person who never has regrets, but Marufuji is the only person I can think about for a moment and wonder what would have happened if I had done it back then. I don’t want to call it regret, but it is regret, after all… I thought we would never cross paths again, but now that we are both in our 40s, I think we can see something new in each other.”

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