Corey Graves & Wade Barrett Reportedly to be New Commentary Team for WWE SmackDown

As noted before, WWE removed Kevin Patrick as the lead commentator for their SmackDown brand earlier this month over WWE officials feeling that things were not working out with Patrick’s commentary career in the company. Patrick was released from the company this past Thursday and was replaced by Michael Cole for this past Friday’s SmackDown show.

Monday’s WWE RAW show featured Pat McAfee making his official full-time return for WWE’s RAW brand and replaced Wade Barrett, who’s status in the company was unknown at the time.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that Corey Graves and Barrett will be the new commentary team for WWE’s SmackDown brand going forward. Johnson reported that Graves will become the new lead commentator while Barrett will remain as a color commentator for this new team.

This will be the first time that Graves will be calling the action for a WWE show since the start of his main roster commentary career in 2016. This will also be the first time that Barrett will be working as a member of SmackDown’s commentary team since July of 2023.