Backstage AEW & WWE Reactions Over AEW Airing Jack Perry & CM Punk All In Backstage Altercation Footage

As noted before, Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show in Charleston, West Virginia featured AEW airing never before seen backstage CCTV footage of the infamous backstage altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk at this past August’s All In event.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that the general backstage reaction within AEW was one of tepidness with many saying they knew it was a “one-night ratings ploy.” It was reported that there were some talks backstage over the mood decreasing after the footage aired and it bringing on more “social media bullshit” AEW talent dread. Despite this issue, it was reported that the general response from AEW talent spoken to believed that AEW’s airing of the footage could have added to the build and interest for the Young Bucks vs. FTR match at AEW Dynasty.

It was also reported that AEW CEO Tony Khan was the person who came up with the idea to air the footage and in response to CM Punk’s recent comments bashing the company in an episode of The MMA Hour show and WWE’s shots at AEW throughout WrestleMania 40 media week.

It was also reported that their sources denied PWTorch’s Wade Keller’s report that the Young Bucks were not in favor of airing the footage. The Young Bucks reportedly were “fine with doing the angle” while FTR were informed ahead of time of AEW’s plans for where this footage angle was going and their decision to promote it. FTR reportedly signed off on the idea and felt that it could add some social buzz to their upcoming match. It was reported that CM Punk and FTR currently do not have any issues with each other.

In regards to the reaction within WWE, it was reported that those spoken to stated that there were plenty of people talking about the situation within WWE but no one was particularly surprised due to it was not anything that anyone did not expect. It was reported that there is no heat on CM Punk over it in WWE nor does anyone expect any sort of punishment or scolding to be given to him. A few WWE talents spoken to reportedly stated that they felt the video was a “self-own” on AEW’s end while others stated they just watched the video out of curiosity.

One person from both WWE and AEW spoken to reportedly stated that this is no worse than anything that happened during the Monday Night Wars between WWE anc WCW.

It was reported that none of those within AEW believes that the airing of the Perry and Punk altercation footage is a company killer moment but several people do feel that the time spent on airing the footage could have gone to AEW talent instead. It was also reported that the general feeling was that this entire thing was a “no-win” type situation for AEW.