Backstage Update on WWE’s Latest Batch of Talent Releases

As noted before, WWE released a new batch of talents on Friday, which included Jinder Mahal and Xia Lia among those released.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that the internal reason given for the releases was as budget cuts. It was reported that it is currently not known if talent were informed of this being the reason for their releases.

In regards to the reason for WWE’s decision for a new wave of talent cuts, it was reported that high level WWE officials spoken to stated that it was a combination of talent not appearing on WWE television due to creative not having anything for them and upward trajectory based on their progression and how long they had been with the company.

Several talents at Friday’s SmackDown show reportedly learned about the releases as the news was being made public. Those spoken to reportedly confirmed that WWE officials did not send any internal memos to staff or talent informing them beforehand of the plans for talents cuts.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that no additional talents are current expected to be released at time.

Johnson reported that the word going around WWE talent was that the calls to those who were released were handled very differently compared to past releases. Those spoken to stated that these release calls were far less rudely in tone and instead were more apologetic and respectful towards talents compared to previous Talent Relations regimes.