Update on Drew Gulak’s WWE Status Over Absence & No Quarter Catch Crew Tron Name Removal at Tuesday’s NXT Show

As noted before, Ronda Rousey recently accused Drew Gulak of inappropriately touching her in a backstage incident during her time in the company, which was something Gulak confirmed but claimed it was just an accident. This past Tuesday’s NXT show was notable for Gulak’s absence and name removal from No Quarter Catch Crew’s group entrance video.

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan reported that his sources stated that Gulak’s removal from No Quarter Catch Crew’s titantron was a relatively each change to make and the usage of Charlie Dempsey’s music for the group’s entrance at this past Tuesday’s show was also an intentional decision.

Brennan reported that WWE officials had pulled Gulak from several scheduled appearances over WrestleMania 40 week. Gulak reportedly was removed from his seat at last week’s Hall of Fame 2024 ceremony after a producer noticed he was in attendance and in close proximity to someone close to Rousey’s inner circle of friends.

Brennan also reported that Gulak’s name was not listed on the internal rundowns for this past Tuesday’s NXT show nor was he seen in attendance backstage. NXT announcers reportedly were instructed to not mention Gulak’s name during the show.

Sean Ross Sapp reported that those spoken to stated that WWE officials currently do not have any creative plans for Gulak.