Update on Giulia’s Status with WWE and Marigold & WWE’s Current NXT Debut Plans for Her

As noted before, former Stardom talent Giulia recently agreed to a deal with WWE and is currently expected to be reporting to WWE’s Performance Center once she finishes up her current commitments with Marigold. WWE’s plans for Giulia’s debut at their upcoming NXT Heatwave 2024 are currently uncertain following Giulia suffering a right wrist fracture injury at Marigold’s debut event this past Monday in Tokyo, Japan.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that Giulia is currently expected to leave Marigold and head to WWE once all of her paperwork is done and her and her family move to Florida. Marigold officials reportedly are currently hopeful that Giulia could come back to work at their major events.

Meltzer reported that those spoken to within Japan and close to Giulia stated that the reports of Giulia making her official full-time debut for WWE at their NXT Heatwave 2024 event on July 7th are not accurate and that she will not be starting that soon for WWE.

Meltzer also reported that those spoken to within WWE who would have knowledge of Giulia’s start date stated that they had heard nothing about about her official planned start date at the moment.

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan reported that his sources provided additional details and clarification to Meltzer’s report.

In regards to Giulia’s current injury status, Brennan reported that those spoken to within WWE stated that WWE officials are currently comfortable with Giulia healing while remaining in Japan and are not expected to interfere with her desire to still appear on shows she was originally scheduled to wrestle on. Those spoken to within NXT and Marigold stated that Giulia’s injury was initially worried to be worse than it turned out to be in reality due to how Giulia had been heavily favoring her wrist backstage. Giulia’s timetable for an in-ring return reportedly remains up in the air and dependent on how the bone fracture in her wrist heals.

In regards to the current plans for Giulia moving to the United States, Brennan reported that those spoken to within NXT stated that WWE officials currently expect Giulia to make her first official appearance for their NXT brand before she makes the permanent move to the U.S. with her family. Those spoken to within WWE and Japan reportedly stated that potential visa issues are not expected to cause Giulia to miss out on a potential NXT Heatwave 2024 appearance due to her not having issues securing work visas for the U.S. previously.

In regards to Giulia making an appearance at NXT heatwave 2024, Brennan reported that while WWE officials have been hopeful to make Giulia vs. Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship match happen at their upcoming NXT event, their plans have always been dependent on Giulia’s Marigold dates and now with her injury situation. Brennan reported that while WWE officials have not locked in plans for this match taking place at NXT Heatwave 2024, NXT officials are currently dead set on making this match take place upon Giulia’s debut with the company. Those spoken to reportedly stated that Perez’s current storyline with NXT General Manager Ava is meant to play a key role in how Giulia makes her official NXT television debut. Those spoken to reportedly stated that this has also been the reason why Perez has been working stiffer at live events of late in preparation for this matchup.

Those spoken to within Marigold reportedly stated that they currently believe that Giulia will look to make good on any dates that she will miss due to her injury and will try to be back in the ring for the promotion once she is medically cleared. Those spoken to within WWE and Marigold reportedly stated that Giulia will not be exclusive to NXT and WWE for quite a while, if at all, and that working with Marigold was a sticking point in her negotiations to sign with WWE this past April.

Those spoken to within NXT reportedly stated that NXT officials current plans are for Giulia to be presented as the top female face star of the brand upon her arrival. One source spoken to reportedly stated that they currently expect her to surpass what Asuka achieved in NXT during her run in the brand.