WWE: WWE World Fan Event Confirmed for WrestleMania 41 Weekend, Jesse Ventura in Talks for Legends Deal, Booker T on Gable Steveson’s WWE Release

WWE to Hold Another WWE World Fan Event at WrestleMania 41 & Venue Location for WM 41 Week RAW & SmackDown Shows

8 News Now reported that WWE will be holding another WWE World fan event during WrestleMania 41 week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was reported that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) recently approved $5 million to be paid out to WWE to sponsor next year’s WrestleMania 41 event in the city.

In an interview with the outlet, LVCVA Vice President of Sports and Special Events Lisa Motley stated “The dates of the event will occur over Easter weekend, which is a typically slow time for Las Vegas. We anticipate more than 180,000 WrestleMania fans will occupy 144,000 incremental room nights over that time period.”

It was also reported that WWE will be holding that week’s RAW and SmackDown shows at the MGM Resorts venue.

Jesse Ventura Comments on Being in Talks with WWE for Legends Deal

As noted before, WWE Hall of Famer and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has been in recent talks with WWE following Ventura being pleased with the new direction of the company with Vince McMahon no longer being involved.

A recent episode of 77 WABC’s Frank Morano radio show featured Ventura as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Ventura providing more details regarding his recent talks with WWE and revealed that this is for a potential new WWE Legends deal with the company.

“I’m back negotiating with them. We’re in talks right now. I have contracts with my attorney right now with the WWE. That’s happened because of the change in direction with the company. We don’t know right now fully, but they want to bring me back under their legends. I’m getting older. I’m in my 70s. I guess I like to open up the door at the end and see what’s left. It’s not like I’m going to go back on the mic. I have to be honest, I have no idea who wrestles anymore.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com

Booker T Comments on Gable Steveson’s Release from WWE

As noted before, Gable Steveson was released from WWE earlier this month as part of a new batch of talent releases.

A recent episode of The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore podcast featured co-host Booker T’s thoughts about Steveson’s recent release from WWE and Steveson being one of the biggest flops as a potential star in WWE history.

“As far as the build-up, you could see that, with what people were expecting to see from Gable Steveson. Just because he had the look, he had everything you check off as far as the box goes, he had all of that. For it not to pan out, I think it was him not really buying all in, not really saying, ‘Man, I’m really gonna throw everything into doing this and being the best at it.’ He had one foot in the door and one foot out, let’s just say that. I think that’s what it was more than anything. Could he have cut it and really pulled this thing off? Probably. But I think that wrestling bug was still in his system, and it was hard for him to really get it out. It seemed like he still had something to prove. There again, just having one foot in and one foot out, I think that was his problem.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com