Update on WWE’s Current Plans for Wyatt Sicks Following Monday’s RAW Debut

As noted before, Monday‚Äôs WWE RAW show in Corpus Christi, Texas featured Uncle Howdy and the new Wyatt Family making their surprise return to WWE. Uncle Howdy’s new group is officially called the Wyatt Sicks based on merchandise released by WWE following their debut appearance.

Fightful Select reported that their sources confirmed that the members of this new stable are Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, and Erick Rowan. It was reported that while Dallas, Cross, Lumis, and Gacy were kept off of WWE television for several months, Rowan was said to have signed a new deal with WWE with his specific role set in mind as the person behind the Ramblin’ Rabbit mask.

In regards to the stage setup for the Wyatt Sicks’ official debut, it was reported that WWE’s production crew had put together the stage setup for the Wyatt Sicks’ reveal during the main event Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying match between Jey Uso, Finn Balor, and Rey Mysterio. It was also reported that while they were unable to hide the stage construction from the live audience, WWE officials were very pleased with the reaction generated by the Corpus Christi crowd and also the live, continuous camera shot that followed the backstage carnage brought on by the Wyatt Sicks.

In regards to WWE’s current creative plans for the new group going forward, it was reported that the Wyatt Sicks will continue to be acknowledged on WWE programming similar to the way Jey Uso referenced the group in a RAW digital exclusive interview talking about how Uncle Howdy can have his fireflies back. It was also reported that the effect of the Wyatt Sicks is currently expected to be “widespread” with WWE officials planning for various storylines be hit with long-term and short-term consequences of the group’s debut actions. It was reported that the WWE roster and staff members who fell victim to the Wyatt Sicks’ ambush attack were all reportedly asigned their fate beforehand in a strategic manner. It was also reported that those who evaded the group’s attack had also been assigned their fate beforehand in a similar manner.