— Jerry Lynn appeared on the latest Steel Domain Wrestling podcast, discussing the final matches of his career at this link.

— WWE Champion The Rock is now back in Central America and was doing cardio while everyone else slept. He wrote: “4:565am. Just landed – Central America – Panama. (from Buffalo, NY). Sleep? #AintGotsNoTimeForDat Cardio starts now.” I feel ya’ Rock …. sleep is for the weak!

— As we previously reported, Team Rhodes Scholars will face the New Age Outlaws next week on RAW. The New Age Outlaws accepted and confirmed the match on this weeks edition of “RAW Backstage Fallout”. Sandow’s “Twitter scribe” Ignatius wrote: “New Age Outlaws will fall to Team Rhodes Scholars next week on RAW! Sincerely, Ignatius”

— A video on WWE.com features Triple H and The New Age Outlaws joking around backstage at last night’s RAW. Triple H mentions his brawl with Brock Lesnar and actually brings up the wet spot on his pants that many fans noticed. He said he’ll never go back to the ring with a full bladder and said he had “an accident”.

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Triple & The New Age Outlaws Backstage At RAW This Week! AWESOME PIC!!!