Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As we reported on earlier here on the website, CM Punk had a major blow-out backstage with Vince McMahon to the point where Punk had threatened to quit. New details have emerged in regards to this matter. According to WWE sources, CM Punk was upset about constantly being lied too about his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Although Punk didn’t understand the logic of going under, he was fine with it. Conversely, he was told up until the event that the creative plans were still up in the air.

When Punk found out the outcome all along was for The Undertaker to go over and extend the streak to 21-0, Punk was irate and felt that Vince McMahon and Triple H were betraying him by lying to him. This ultimately led to Punk stating that the company can eat the remainder of his contract and that he was finished. This obviously caught Vince McMahon’s attention, and he finally decided to sit down with Punk to iron things out. After repeatedly asking Vince why he had to threaten to quit the company to finally get attention, it’s being said that Punk went all out and vented frustrations about guys like Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston working hard while the company is too busy with ‘hot shot booking’ and storylines to please their own egos.

During the sit down between Punk and McMahon, things took yet another turn for the worse when Punk requested time off to heal up. Although Vince tried to talk Punk into staying around a bit longer for his next program, in the end it was agreed upon that Punk would take some time off to heal up.

In correlation to this matter, there was a conference call a few weeks ago between Punk, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and the writers to further discuss Punk’s future, where numerous ideas were pitched. It’s also said the ideas pitched ultimately hinge on Punk’s health and Vince’s desire. Whether or not they choose to go with any of the ideas remain to be seen as plans can and most likely will change numerous times between now and Punk’s expected return.

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