Glenn “Kane” Jacobs officially announced Tuesday that he was running for mayor of Knox County, TN in 2018. He will be running for an open seat, replacing the current term-limited mayor, Tim Burchett.

Kane will be running as a libertarian-leaning Republican in a county that is overwhelmingly Republican. The current Republican mayor ran unopposed in 2014 and won by a 4-1 margin in 2010, so the race will probably be decided in the Republican primary on May 1, 2018. General election day will be August 2, 2018.

As seen in the video below, “Jacobs” has a fire-themed logo and his campaign slogan is “Lighting the Way for Our Future.”

You can watch his very normal but still very strange official campaign video below.

Here’s a video of his announcement.

Here’s a nice picture of Kane with his family via his website.