Akira Tozawa “Injured”

WWE.com is saying that Akira Tozawa was injured after he was attacked by Drew Gulak on 205 Live last night. They mention a couple of specific injuries (bruised throat), so it might actually be legit, but either way, it’s not a very serious injury, so he likely wouldn’t miss much time, if any.

Akira Tozawa injury update
WWE.com has learned from Dr. Stephen Daquino that Akira Tozawa has suffered a laryngeal contusion and swollen vocal chords following an attack by Drew Gulak on WWE 205 Live.

The New Day Unboxes WWE 2K18

Here’s a video of The New Day unboxing the WWE 2K18 “Cena-Nuff” edition.

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Jerry Lawler Joins Chris Jericho’s Cruise

Chris Jericho announced that Jerry Lawler has joined Jim Ross as the co-host of his “Rock ‘N’ Wresting Rager at Sea” cruise in October 2018.


This Friday, Kevin Owens will be the guest on the “E&C Pod of Awesomeness.”

The Singh Brothers were the guests on today’s “Talk Is Jericho.”