WWE RAW Results (7/6/2009) – John Cena vs. Triple H!

WWE RAW Results (7/6) – John Cena vs. Triple H!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, July 6th, 2009 (USA Network)
Location: The HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA
Results by 411Mania.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Taped from HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA

-Hosted by Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Guest Host “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase is out to start the show with the Million Dollar Belt, and he is joined by Legacy members Ted Dibiase, Jr. and Cody Rhodes. God I love that theme. Dibiase says as Trump and Vince proved last week everyone has a price, and when he heard about this guest host thing he had his people write a check. Dibiase says it gives him a forum to remind the people of the greatness that stands before them. He says in the ring stands two of the most naturally gifted young superstars that we will ever see in our lives. Ted says he was informed there would be no title defenses on Raw before Night of Champions, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun. He says at Night of Champions Edge and Jericho will go one on one with Legacy. Dibiase asks Cody how he felt about Mark Henry beating Randy Orton last week. Cody says he was upset about it, so Dibiase tells him that he’ll get a chance to teach him a lesson tonight when he faces Henry one on one. Ted, Jr. doesn’t like that, but Dibiase lets him know that he has something else to tell him. He tells him everyone knows that Randy Orton is just holding him down and using him. Tonight Ted, Jr. will go one on one with Randy Orton, and tonight he will make a statement. Teddy begs dad not to make him face Orton, but Dibiase tells him not only is he going to face him but he’s going to beat him. Dibiase leaves, and that brings out the tag champs Edge and Chris Jericho who stare down Legacy as we head to break. Tremendous segment.

Edge & Chris Jericho vs. The Colons
A bad week to tape Raw, as all of this stuff that is being set up is going to have to be scrapped somehow due to the injury to Edge. Carlito starts this bout with Edge, and hits a kneelift early. Carlito rams Edge face first into the top buckle, but runs into a big boot for a two count. Edge delivers a forearm, and tags in to Jericho who is in with a back elbow. Jericho delivers a back suplex, and tags back to Edge. Carlito fights back on Edge, but gets taken down with a drop toehold. Jericho takes advantage of a ref distraction by Edge with a choke in the corner. Jericho finally legally tags in, and hits a snap mare on Carlito. Half nelson chinlock is locked in by Jericho, and Carlito elbows his way out of that. Carlito hits the ropes delivering a springboard back elbow, and is finally able to make the hot tag to Primo. Edge tags in as well, but gets hit with an elbow and a dropkick. Dropkick from Primo sends Jericho to the floor, and then he takes Edge down with a headscissor. Primo hits a springboard crossbody for two, and then goes for another springboard but is tripped up by Edge. Edge ties Primo up in the ropes, and Carlito attempts to untie him. Edge charges, but Primo comes free and Edge knocks Carlito to the floor. Carlito heads back in and distracts the referee, but that distraction allows Jericho to attack from behind with the codebreaker. From there the spear from Edge makes the finish academic at 5:16. After the match Carlito attacks Primo brutally firing him into the ringpost, and then over the announce table. So one of the four proper tag teams in WWE, and we just break one of them up? With the Edge injury I bet they wish they had this decision back.
Winner: Edge & Chris Jericho (Edge pins Primo-Spear **1/4)

-Orton approaches Teddy, Jr. in the locker room, and tells him that Dibiase losing to him accomplishes nothing. He says to tell his dad thanks but no thanks. Dibiase questions rather Orton thinks he can beat him, but Orton dismisses the thought saying basically “of course I would I am WWE Champion.” Orton says if he was his father, but Ted cuts him off and says well he’s not your father, and quite frankly he was a hell of a lot better than your father! Oooooh burn! Ted tells Randy he’s going to face him, and he’s going to beat him. Dibiase was more interesting in that one small segment than he has been in the past year.

Alicia Fox & Maryse vs. Mickie James & Gail Kim
So Alicia has apparently gone from being McCool’s hanger on to Maryse’s. Awesome. Maryse starts out with Mickie, and they fight over a lockup with Maryse grabbing a wristlock. Maryse takes Mickie down by the hair, and tags in to Fox who immediately gets rolled up by Mickie for two. Mickie hits the ropes and delivers a neckbreaker, and then knocks Maryse off the apron. Dropkick to Alicia gets a two count, and then Kim tags in. Clothesline connects, and Gail follows up with a hurracanrana. Springboard crossbody connects by Gail for two, but Alicia is right back with a trip sending Gail into the second rope. Mickie tries to make the save, but as the ref puts her out Maryse hits a spin kick from the outside getting a two count for Alicia. Maryse tags in, and delivers a backbreaker for two. Maryse charges in the corner, but Gail moves. Gail goes for the tag, but Maryse is there to knock Mickie off the apron. Gail comes back out of nowhere with what I guess you’d call a big boot while falling to the mat which finishes abruptly at 3:26. Nice little match even though it seemed a bit disjointed. Better than the average diva match.
Winners: Mickie James & Gail Kim (Kim pins Maryse-Boot to Face *3/4)

-Cody stops in to Ted, Sr’s office to kiss his ass, and try to buy him off. Ted tells him its not enough money, but asks him why he wouldn’t to face Mark Henry. He gets Cody to start bragging about his Dad Dusty, but Dibiase tells him he can’t stand Dusty Rhodes because he can’t stand common men. He tells him it’s a travesty that Rhodes is in the Hall of Fame and he isn’t, and advises Cody that he’s going to face Mark Henry no matter what. He also tells him if he doesn’t get out of his office he’s going to put him in polka dots just like his old man. Dibiase is amazing, and really should be the full time GM on this show.

Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry
Nice pop for Henry, as Cody sells his fear beautifully nearly shitting himself as Mark comes out. Henry takes control early with a kick to the ribs, and then whips Cody to the corner. Henry charges into the boots of Cody, but he dives off the second rope and gets caught. Henry hits the Worlds Strongest Slam, but Cody rolls outside to get away. Cody tells the ref to count him out, and the ref obliges counting him out at 1:36. Wig Splitting O’Meter: 2. Not sure what was accomplished with the count out. What’s the point of protecting Cody?
Winner: Mark Henry (Count Out DUD)

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase
I must say I’m digging the new Legacy music. Orton grabs a headlock takeover to start, but Dibiase is able to counter into a headscissor to break. Orton gets up in Dibaise’s face, but gets a big right hand from a fired up Ted. Dibiase hits an armdrag, and a dropkick which sends Orton to the floor as we head to break.

Back from commercial with Orton back in control with a chinlock. Orton delivers a kick to the ribs, and stands over a fallen Dibiase before delivering a series of Orton stomps. Orton goes for a kneedrop, but misses and Dibiase rolls him up for two. Small package from Ted gets another two count, and Orton fires back with a big right hand. Orton stands over Dibiase with a disgusted look saying “Ted, Ted, Ted” and then tells him he didn’t want to have to do this. With a digusted look Orton delivers a hangman’s DDT, and tells the ref to count but Dibiase kicks out at two. Orton gets frustrated and hammers away at Dibiase, and then drops a knee on him for a two count. Orton goes back to the chinlock, but Dibiase counters out with a back suplex. Orton charges into a back elbow, and Dibiase delivers a clothesline off the second rope for two. Dibiase hammers Orton with a few right hands, but Orton comes right back with his inverted backbreaker to regain control. Orton sets up for the RKO, but Dibaise counters into a backslide for two. Dibiase hits a powerslam for a two count, but Orton comes back with a European uppercut. Dibiase goes for Dream Street, but Orton counters that and hits the RKO for the pin at 10:45. John Cena and Randy Orton in the past two weeks have taught Triple H a valuable lesson. How to put a guy over in a loss. Good little match that did more for Dibiase than any win in his career. Afterward Orton gives a look of respect to Dibiase as he’s leaving.
Winner: Randy Orton (Pinfall-RKO ***1/4)

-Triple H says tonight will be an epic, and he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get what he wants. That includes John Cena.

-VIP Lounge is next, and MVP says tonight the Million Dollar Man is in charge. This week he says last week a major trade was orchestrated by his former boss Donald Trump. He introduces his guest who is on Raw via the trade Jack Swagger. MVP says he’d like to ask Swagger what it was like to debut on Raw. Swagger cuts him off, but MVP tells him he wasn’t finish yet. MVP asks why he exposed himself as a fraud by getting himself counted out against Randy Orton. Swagger says he was a 2 time 2 time All American, and he went to the University of Oklahoma. He asks if he knows what that means, and MVP counters that he couldn’t’ get into a better school. Swagger counters by saying MVP spent time at Florida State, but not the university and calls MVP a fraud. He says he tries to pass himself off as an athlete, but he’s a con and spent 10 years in prison. Swagger says he’s never even got a parking ticket, and the only thing MVP was MVP was a prison basketball team. MVP says he doesn’t hide his past, and he says as a youth he made bad decisions. He says now that he’s a WWE Superstar he uses his celebrity status to tell kids not to make the mistakes he did. He says he served his time, and doesn’t make excuses. MVP says its obvious that at OU they didn’t teach the difference between excuses and explanations. He says there’s a big difference between Swagger and MVP, and that’s that unlike Swagger MVP has never been afraid of a fight. HUGE MVP chant from the crowd for that, as Swagger starts to back off. Swagger says he doesn’t fight people below him, and especially doesn’t fight criminals. Swagger leaves, and MVP tells him its obvious since he’s been on Raw he doesn’t fight anyone. Great segment. If anyone reads Paul Heyman’s UK Sun articles its as if they read the part about MVP and used it word for word this week.

-Dibiase talks to his boy in the locker room, and Ted, Jr. yells at him saying he set him up to fail. He says he came here to set him up and steal his spotlight. Ted, Sr. tells him its not like that at all, but Junior smacks him in the face and tells him “thanks a lot, dad.”

Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne
Well Kofi goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. Big Show to Evan Bourne in the course of about two hours for the live crowd. Bourne grabs a hammerlock, and then goes to a side headlock. Bourne rolls up Kofi for a one, and then a cradle for one. Bourne hits a backslide for one, and then Kofi ducks an enzaguri grabbing a half crab. Bourne gets to the ropes to break the hold, and then takes Kofi over with a side headlock. Kofi counters out with a headscissor, and then takes Evan over with a side headlock of his own. Bourne comes out with a side headlock, and they chain wrestle into a backslide attempt. Neither guy makes anything of that, so Kofi springboards off the second rope with a crossbody. Stinger splash connects by Kofi, but a second attempt hits the knees of Bourne. Evan heads to the top and a shooting star press picks up the upset win for Bourne at 3:05. I’d complain about the time, but if this is setting up a proper match at Night of Champions sign me up. After the match Big Show wanders out and attacks Kofi. Bourne tries to make the save, but you can probably guess how successful that is. Show kills both of them which I assume sets up a Davids vs. Goliath triple threat at the PPV. Oh joy.
Winner: Evan Bourne (Pinfall-Shooting Star Press **)

-John Cena joins Josh Mathews and tells Josh that tonight Triple H is right all bets are off. He says tonight Raw is transformed into Wrestlemania. He says tonight two of the greatest do battle for a shot at the WWE Championship. He says if HHH thinks he’s going to walk through him to continue his battle with Randy Orton he’s wrong. He says if he means that tonight two of the best are going to do battle for a shot at the title. He says he hopes HHH is listening, because its been far too long since he’s been able to say The Champ is here.

Night of Champions Tournament Final: Triple H vs. John Cena
Cole and Lawler of course go overboard with the hyperbole saying this has a Wrestlemania main event feel. Let’s not get carried away boys. King says this could easily be a Wrestlemania main event. Ya think so King? Maybe some day they’ll do this match at Wrestlemania. They do the epic staredown at the opening bell, and Cena takes HHH over with a headlock. HHH comes out with a headscissor and they break to the corners. Crowd is oddly enough more pro Cena in this match then they were at Wrestlemania 22 when HHH was a heel. They stare down again, and this time they trade right hands. Cena hits the ropes and delivers a shoulderblock, but a second time off the ropes he runs into the high knee. Cena whips HHH over the top to the floor, and then heads out after him. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on the floor, but HHH slides down the back and posts him as we head to break. If you’re scoring at home we got HHH’s entrance followed by a commercial then returned for 3 minutes of wrestling, two of which was a staredown before going to commercial again.

Back from the break and Triple H is in control of John Cena. Triple H comes off the ropes and Cena hip tosses him. Cena with a kick to the gut and a suplex for a 2 count. Triple H with a backbreaker for a 2 count now. Triple H with a suplex of his own now. Triple H with a forearm to the back drops Cena. Triple H with right hands and a big knee drop for another 2 count. They go back and forth until Cena hits the shoulderblocks off the ropes and the back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the Adjustment but Triple H slides out and hits him with right hands. Triple H with a knee to the skull and a clothesline. Triple H runs into a big boot in the corner but hits the spinebuster on Cena.

Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Cena counters with a back drop. Cena comes off the ropes but Triple H locks a sleeper hold on. Triple H wears Cena down to the mat. Cena fights out of it and locks a sleeper of his own on Triple H. Triple H starts to go out of it and hits the mat with the hold still on. Tripe H fights out of it with a backdrop and both are down.

They get to their feet and trade big right hands. They end up both going down. Cena goes to the top and tries the big leg drop but Triple H moves out of the way. Cena with a jacknife cover for a 2 count. Cena goes for the Adjustment but Triple H counters with a roll up for a 2 count. Cena locks the STF on but Triple H gets to the ropes. More back and forth. They get to their feet and start trading shots until Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase rush the ring. They attack real quick and flee the ring. The ref calls for the bell and Lilian goes to make the announcement when Randy Orton, on the stage, stops her. He says it’s a double DQ which means he won’t be facing either of them… the music hits and out comes Ted DiBiase Sr.

The Million Dollar Man says neither of them lost and his opinion counts more than Orton’s tonight. Ted Sr. announces that it will be John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton in a Triple Threat for the WWE Title at Night of Champions. Ted Sr. walks off as Orton, Triple H and Cena stare each other down. RAW goes off the air.