A Fake Sting On RAW, Superstars Matches Taped, Sheamus/RAW

— As seen on RAW Monday night, Sting accepted Triple H’s challenge to appear face-to-face with him at Fast Lane, so The Icon is indeed confirmed for the pay-per-view later this month. A fake Sting appeared in the ring briefly before the lights went off. They used a “fake” Sting due to the real Sting having a limited amount of dates on his contract.

— The following matches were taped prior to RAW for this week’s WWE Superstars broadcast:

* Titus O’Neil vs. Jack Swagger
* Luke Harper vs. R-Truth

Full WWE Superstars **SPOILERS** are posted on the main newsboard.

— The return of Sheamus is coming soon. Below is a video that WWE showed on Raw, hyping the return of the Celtic Warrior and former world champion.

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