Road Warrior Animal Makes Facebook Post Attacking Minorities

Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Michael Laurinaitis) has let loose on Facebook with his opinion of The Grammys.

Once again Rappers ruin the Grammys with that stupid song with words like resist and no one can tell you what to do. Having people of color Muslim and Mexican come on stage, are you that stupid and can not see that where all the drugs are coming from the southern borders or all the Radical Islamic that promote death to America?

Really well legends it’s your relative using those drugs ir getting killed by terrorists then you will get it.

Insulting performance! Sad!!

Update: The post has since been deleted and he posted the following messages apologizing:

FB friends if I offended anyone with my comments yesterday I apologize.
It was not meant to offend anyone I guess I just get tired of celebrities using a stage to get a political message across. It’s not the time nor place.
I like rap I like BeyoncĂ© she’s great I just didn’t like the performance last night is all.
I have a right to my opinion.
I do agree with we have to strengthen relationships with authority and our President which both should be respected and they are not!
I respect everyone and was giving SN opinion so don’t resdbinto it too much.
I respect and appreciate all my fans 100% and respect what all musicians do!

After reading what my post last night on the Grammys I see that I misspoken and I acted like a freaking idiot. I should always do spellcheck in the middle in which the manner I send my messages and I don’t for that, yeah I am a musclehead and I was stupid what I said I by no means am I racist or a bigot or think things happen in certain parts of the country and they don’t happen anywhere else I am a realist I should’ve should’ve chosen my words more wisely for that I apologize. I have nothing against people of color I have nothing against people of Muslim faith I have nothing against people of Mexico I have nothing against anybody I was just making a statement about a song that I did not like that’s all.
I should’ve double checked it I should’ve checked spellcheck and I made a simple mistake and did not. .I wrote it like a run-on sentence I should I had a start and the finish to it and a. And I, and I did not so it looks like I’m saying these people, certain things and I by no means feel that way so if I offended anyone I apologize