Impact Adds “Trademark” to Broken Hardy Videos; Reby Hardy Lashes Out

Impact has gone back and edited in a “TM” (trademark) to every “Broken Matt” or “Brother Nero” video on their YouTube channel.

Reby Hardy tweeted the other day that she would no longer comment on the situation publicly, but it seems like this move by Impact was too petty and annoying for her to stick to that, calling (Anthem VP) Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett “fucking scum of the earth.”

Someone on Twitter then posted this:

Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

Matt Hardy also responded to Jeff Jarrett congratulating Christopher Daniels on his ROH title win, despite the fact that Jarrett/Impact tried to sabotage and destroy ROH’s PPV.

This entire thing just continues to make Impact seem extremely dishonest and unlikeable, honestly. It’s too bad Billy Corgan wasn’t able to take over TNA instead.