Another Daniel Bryan Tease

Daniel Bryan continued to tease that he’ll be leaving WWE to wrestle elsewhere when his contract expires in September 2018. On SmackDown, Sami Zayn cut a promo on him in the ring, saying that he’s still an in-ring performer and Daniel Bryan was not anymore. The “WWE Creative Humor” Twitter account joked around about it and Bryan responded:

Brie Bella’s Return Plans

Brie Bella did a Q&A on her YouTube channel and said that she hopes to be ready for a return by January 2018 and she will be back in WWE at some point next year. She also said that she and Daniel Bryan will try for a second baby at the end of 2018, so her planned return will be relatively short.

“I’m going to start working with a personal trainer in the first week of November, kick my butt. But I want to make sure that I am ready by let’s say the end of January 2018 in case I get a phone call. But at some point in 2018 I am going to make a comeback whether the boss likes it or not. I am coming back, I am making a comeback, because at the end of 2018, Bryan and I want to start trying for our second baby, so I’m doing it before then.”

Starts at around the 8 minute mark: