Update on Neville Walking Out and Possibly Quitting WWE

As mentioned last night, there are rumors going around that Neville walked out before Raw and has possibly quit the company. He was originally scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore on Raw, but a change was made (likely after Neville walked out) and Kalisto ended up beating Enzo instead. Neville also did not appear on 205 Live.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that their sources confirmed to them that Neville did in fact walk out before Raw and appeared to have quit the company. However, WWE’s official line to both the Wrestling Observer and PWInsider is that Neville has not “departed” the company. This could obviously just be WWE trying to do damage control, however, or hoping to work things out with Neville. It could also just mean that Neville has not officially left, since WWE would have to grant him his actual release for that to be technically true. As of now, though, nothing seems to be confirmed for sure, so we’ll see what happens.

Neville’s last Twitter post was complaining about his terrible new t-shirt. WWE had also just forced Neville into an ill-advised face turn, likely turning him into another boring WWE face with no personality, after his heel run had been so good and successful.

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