More WWE Wrestlers Want Out?

After Neville seemingly quit WWE, there have been rumors that other wrestlers have been thinking about leaving and having a go outside of WWE.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Twitter and said that “several are thinking about it.”

Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas has missed the last two weeks of Raw. The story right now is that he has an “illness,” according to Dave Meltzer, though there are no other details.

Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas’s brother, has also not been at the last two weeks of Raw. His segment last week was pre-taped. Wyatt is still scheduled to face Finn Balor this Sunday at TLC.

Dancing With the Stars Ratings

Monday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, featuring Nikki Bella, drew 9,565,000 viewers on ABC.

Final Lucha Underground Episode Tonight

Tonight will be the last episode of season three of Lucha Underground, and possibly the last episode ever. Lucha Underground has struggled to find financing for season four, and right now, things are still up in the air.