Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Busted Open Radio and once again talked about the possibility of a return to the ring. His contract reportedly expires some time around September 2018.

It’s actually a bigger deal if WWE were to clear me. I like to put things in percentages, so this is kind of how I’ve broken it down. I think there’s an 85% chance that I’ll wrestle again. My wife says like 100%, but that’s not the case. If I get a test that says hey, you shouldn’t wrestle again, I’m not gonna wrestle again. So I say there’s an 85% chance that I’m gonna wrestle again. I would say there’s about a 20% chance that WWE will clear me to wrestle. It’s a small chance, but it’s not like an impossible chance. I know that they want me to wrestle. There’s just a lot of stuff that has to happen to be able to wrestle. So I think a bigger difficulty would be if I were to be cleared by WWE to wrestle full time. Because my last year was 2013, a full time wrestler. I did 227 matches. I don’t want to do 227 matches. I don’t want to be away from my baby for 227 days, plus travel days, like 250 days. I don’t want that for myself. I think one of the things about an independent schedule is that it would be easier. But I think WWE would also, if they were to clear me, would give a little bit of a lighter schedule and we’re not running as hard as 2013 where you’re doing both shows, Raw and SmackDown, so I think guys now are doing less than 200 days a year, so that would be a little easier.

He also talked about his health, saying that all the tests he’s taken show that not only is he “good,” but he’s better than the average person who’s never had a concussion.