Neville Possibly Returning to WWE?

After he appeared to have quit the company last month, there is now talk that Neville could be back with WWE soon.

There have been recent positive discussions between Neville and WWE, PWInsider is reporting, and there is a belief among some in the company that he’ll be back by the end of this month.

WWE had always denied that Neville was gone, but they eventually removed him from the 205 Live intro. He was never officially released and there was some speculation that Vince McMahon could refuse to release him and force him to stay signed for the remainder of his contract so that he wouldn’t be able to work elsewhere.

Neville did ask for his release and the belief was that he wanted to make a bigger name for himself outside of WWE, similar to what Drew McIntyre did before returning to NXT.

Of course, Mauro Ranallo also returned to NXT earlier this year after it appeared that he and WWE were done for sure.