With Mixed Match Challenge on Tues. at 10, What About 205 Live? (Updated)

WWE announced that their new Mixed Match Challenge show will air live on Facebook Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET for 12 weeks starting January 16.

Of course, that is 205 Live’s time slot. Mixed Match Challenge will almost definitely take place in the same arena as SmackDown Live right after the show, so 205 Live will either have to be pushed back until after Mixed Match Challenge, or taped before SmackDown and aired on WWE Network after Mixed Match Challenge, or possibly still live at 7 PM ET, before SmackDown. The word “live” is in the show name, so we’ll see what happens…

The show taking place before SmackDown has always made more sense to me anyway (or really, a taped show at a separate, smaller venue with a better crowd would probably be best). It seems like the crowd is usually exhausted after SmackDown and WWE has a problem with keeping people in the arena for the show, often advertising a dark match main event after 205 Live to entice the crowd to stay until the end.

As of now, there’s been no official word about when 205 Live will air. WWE has three 205 Live house shows scheduled in January though, so there don’t appear to be any plans to shelve the show/brand for now.


It has been confirmed that for the 12 weeks that Mixed Match Challenge airs, 205 Live will air live at 10:30 PM ET, according to PWInsider.