#WOKEN Matt Hardy Posts New Video + Impact/Hardys Trademark Update

Matt Hardy posted a video on his YouTube account titled “IT HAS BEGUN.”

It has begun. The #7Deities have WOKEN my #BROKENBrilliance on the plane identified as WWE. Senor Benjamin, PROCURE my Coat of Battle. The #GreatWar has begun.

He has also started tweeting again from the Twitter account of “Vanguard1,” which is the drone that was part of the “Broken Universe.”

He’s also using the name “#WOKEN Matt Hardy” on Twitter and he posted this:

As mentioned yesterday, Impact announced that it will allow their current and former wrestlers (including the Hardys) to own their gimmicks, catch phrases, moves, etc.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to why Impact would suddenly decide to do a total 180 after bitterly fighting the Hardys for months, and according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one possible reason may be that Anthem expected that they would lose a court battle to the Hardys. According to Dave Meltzer, the Hardys were “able to show financial and contractual digressions which left Anthem in a bad way,” and apparently felt that they were going to lose control of the gimmicks anyway, so this was a way for them to publicly save face and act like they’re being “good guys.”

Matt Hardy has always claimed that he self-financed the gimmick and was mostly responsible for it, creatively, and has claimed that Impact never paid people that were part of the Broken Universe (over which Impact claimed ownership), such as “Senor Benjamin.”

Anyway, the gimmick is finally happening, though it seems like it’s going to be “#WOKEN” instead of “#BROKEN,” which might allow WWE to trademark it and have ownership over the gimmick name…