WWE 2K18 Releases on Nintendo Switch on December 6

What a saga this has been. After being bumped from the original release date of the other versions of the game, copies of the Nintendo Switch version started leaking out to those who pre-ordered since the end of November. However, even though the game is on a cartridge, it still requires a 24 gigabyte download to a micro SD card to make the game more playable outside of 2-4 man ‘normal’ matches with a selection of 8 members of the roster.

Footage of the game that has come out so far has looked rough, with a lack of even basic shadows being the most glaring omission, but that has all been in handheld mode and the download may also patch the game to improve performance. Issues such as the commentary being so compressed it sounds like Michael Cole is talking through a Real Audio file filter will remain. But finally, a day before release, 2k Games have confirmed on Twitter that the game will be available on the 6th December. Tomorrow if you’re reading this when it has been posted.

If you are picking up the Switch version of the game, please consider leaving some impressions in the comments or by signing up for our forums and heading to the WWE 2k18 topic in the video games section. I am really curious to hear how this runs once everything is downloaded.