WWE: Stock Rises, Miz’s Return, Baszler in NXT, Cena on Late Late Show

WWE Stock Rises

WWE’s stock closed at $31.88 a share yesterday, up 4.39% on the day after the announcement of their Mixed Match Challenge partnership with Facebook. It was up another 0.79% today, closing at $32.01.

WWE stock has gone up a lot in the past couple of months, rising all the way up from $21.55 on October 25. They released their earnings report the next day.

The Miz’s Return

The Miz is being advertised for this Monday’s Raw in Providence, RI.

He was last on Raw on November 20 and has been out shooting The Marine 6 in London along with Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels.

Shayna Baszler

The mystery vignette that was aired on NXT last week was in fact for Shayna Baszler, who will be debuting very soon.

NXT aired this promo on last night’s episode:

John Cena on “The Late Late Show”

John Cena will be on “The Late Late Show” tonight on CBS at 12:35 AM ET.

The Rock was on last night, with guest host Bryan Cranston.