Alberto El Patron, who has gone on several drunken rants about Triple H after leaving WWE, was interviewed by Mediotiempo and said that he and Triple H have made up.

(Translated from Spanish via Google)

“As you know I am a man who knows when he was wrong. In fact I was in contact with them. Like them when they admitted their mistake the first time I left, I also admit my mistake.

I apologized to Triple H for the issues we had when I was in the relationship with my ex-partner (Paige). She and her entire family made me believe that those who affected our relationship were [WWE], specifically him. She made me believe that the videos and all that was by Triple H and the company. At the time I believed her because she was my partner, I defended her by heart and sword, then things were different and he apologized to me.”

When asked if he would return to WWE, he said that he definitely would like to, but not full time:

“Of course I would go back. I would not go back, but I would make a special appearance before I hang up my wrestling boots and it will surely happen, surely before I retire I will do something special with them.

I see it being very difficult in 2018, but in 2019 before retiring I’m definitely going to do something with them. We shook hands and everything is fine right now. Time heals wounds.”