Justin Credible on WWE Career, Recent Personal Issues, Linkin Park, More

Recent episode of the X-Pac 12360 podcast show had Justin Credible as the guest discussing struggling in the WWE, dealing with his personal issues, meeting the lead singer of Linkin Park before his passing, and more.

On the topic of his struggling WWE career, Credible stated it was due to not being able to adjust to the differences of the WWE environment compared to ECW. He blamed himself for his WWE career struggles and believed it was due to making things more difficult for himself than was needed.

“In ECW, I felt really comfortable because we were kind of allowed to just do our own thing and the pressure weren’t on. But I never could adapt to WWE and it wasn’t because of WWE. I think I still carried that Aldo Montoya thing, where I was still the young boy and I always felt that. I took it too far where I wanted to show respect and humility. But I took it to a level where it sounded like, I was beating myself up and it didn’t serve me well. And I really lacked confidence. Anytime I went up there really. You know? And that’s a me thing. I caused that. Nobody else did.”

On the topic of dealing with his personal issues, Credible stated the incident at his last indie show led to him getting the help needed to resolve his current personal issues. He praised Diamond Dallas Paige for being proactive on his problems and for quickly putting him on the road to a better life.

“This all happened so quick. I was actually doing stuff with Dallas (DDP) prior to this. Just not to this level we were communicating. It’s funny this came through a third party and somebody reached out to Dallas like, “Hey, can you get a hold of PJ?”, and Dallas was like, “I’m already talking to him.”, Long story short a gentleman by the name of Douglas Cartelli. Who works with pro athletes… He is actually going to sponsor me and send me to Atlanta to Dallas’s (DDP) after I have thirty days of clean time to go down there and to go through his program… And because of that, they’re thinking of pairing with this director locally who does documentaries and other films, to possibly shoot a documentary about this whole journey of recovery and hopefully redemption really. It’s a real cool opportunity and at the end of the journey this Douglas wants to open up a facility to train athletes in wellness from all walks of life. So something in Connecticut and kind of wants me to be one the professionals in that facility. ”

Later in the interview, Credible shared a personal story he had with the lead singer of Linkin Park prior to his passing. Credible stated he met Chester Bennington several times in the past and found out about his passing during treatment for his own personal issues.

“I had the privilege of meeting Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. I got to meet him a couple of times. I met him last year, before he passed away this August. I was actually in treatment in Tampa when I got the news. I can’t say he was a friend and he probably has no clue who I am. But that is not the point, the point is that this guy from the outside looked like he had everything in the world. I communicated through twitter with his wife; he was doing fine days before he killed himself. I think mental health and addiction have a component and work hand in hand and I think mental health has this stigma attached to it.”

Other topics discussed included X-Pac’s thoughts on Brian Pillman’s son recent wrestling debut and not doing a Luchas de Apuestas match during his career because he asked for too much money to lose his hair.