“Switchblade” Jay White Joins CHAOS & Challenges Kenny Omega

Well after New Year Dash!! 2018, it looked like Jay White would be taking the unusual step of forging his own path without a group, but in a press conference today, Kazuchika Okada introduced him as the newest member of his group CHAOS. Jay then goes on to challenge Kenny Omega saying he’s not stupid and that he knows if he’s going after the Bullet Club, he can’t do it alone. Switchblade then looks to stir the pot a little, saying that Bullet Club just do whatever Kenny says and there’s guys in that group like Tama Tonga who should be going after the belt Kenny has.

It’s another interesting thread coming out of the shows this weekend, but I was interested in seeing Jay White take the unusual step of going at it alone. The way Jay talks is that this is just a beneficial arrangement and may not last at least, which is some interesting tension. What do you guys think? The announcement video is embedded below.