Various: Taz on Talk Is Jericho, Most Elimination Chamber Eliminations

Taz on Talk Is Jericho

Taz was on today’s episode of “Talk Is Jericho.”

Taz Shoots Straight

Taz makes his TIJ debut! Y2J’s old friend from ECW and WWE shoots straight on leaving ECW for WWE, his relationship with Paul Heyman, the Taz gimmick, his locker room reputation, and that incident with Rob Van Dam. Taz also remembers his top secret meeting with Vince McMahon, how he became a color commentator (against his will) at WWE, and why he ultimately left the company. Plus, he shares his thoughts on the demise of ECW.

“6 Superstars with the most eliminations in the Elimination Chamber Match: WWE List This!”

From The Undertaker to John Cena, these six Superstars dominate inside the Elimination Chamber Match and have racked up a staggering amount of eliminations.