Brock Lesnar/WWE Future + WrestleMania Main Event Match Order News

WWE is currently working under the assumption that Brock Lesnar will be leaving when his contract expires after WrestleMania, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. However, everything is still up in the air and the expectation (including within WWE) is that Lesnar’s decision between WWE and the UFC will be another “photo finish” like it was three years ago.

Despite that, WWE is doing an angle where they’re trying to get fans to turn on Lesnar and make it so that if he does leave, his departure will be “celebrated,” according to Dave Meltzer. The other (and likely main) reason for that would obviously be to try to get fans to get behind Roman Reigns, making him the face in the match, while Lesnar is the heel who “doesn’t care about WWE” and would rather go to UFC.

WWE had each step already laid out for the Lesnar and Reigns angle going into WrestleMania, but Vince McMahon changed things up last week after the Brock Lesnar and Dana White photo came out. White also said after meeting with Lesnar that the chances are “very, very, very good” that Lesnar will fight in the UFC again.

The “main event” match order for WrestleMania is also still up in the air and is not expected to be finalized for a few more weeks, according to Meltzer. The Reigns vs. Lesnar match has been expected to be the main event, but with Reigns expected to win, WWE could decide to not put that match on last, depending on the crowd reaction they anticipate.

The last match could be Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H instead.