Rey Mysterio Aro Lucha Deal Update

As previously reported, Rey Mysterio recently signed a deal with Lucha Libre promotion Aro Lucha. Tennessee-based newspaper The Tennessean reported that terms of the deal included Mysterio being both a performer and co-owner of the new wrestling company.

In an update to this situation, Dave Meltzer on Sunday’s episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio show reported that Mysterio’s involvement in Aro Lucha is “overblown” and he has yet to agree to the part of the deal which included a co-ownership stake in the company. Meltzer confirmed that Mysterio did agree to a talent contract with the company and will be participating at the upcoming tapings for Aro Lucha’s new television show.

Meltzer also reported that Mysterio is still in talks with WWE in regards to a potential return in the near future.

Meltzer on Mysterio’s status with Aro Lucha:

“A lot of people look at that and go, ‘oh he’s not going to WWE.’ He may not. He is absolutely in talks with them [WWE] right now. [The Aro Lucha story] does not change that story.”