The Greatest Royal Rumble event will take place this Friday, April 27 from Saudi Arabia. The show is scheduled to run on WWE Network from 12 PM ET until 5 PM ET, plus a one hour kickoff show at 11 AM. Long…


The Greatest Royal Rumble is largely propaganda for Americans to make them think that the despotic, backwards Saudi monarchy is “modern.” According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the event has mostly not been advertised in Saudi Arabia and the people who know about it are mostly “hardcore WWE fans.”

Seating for the crowd will be curated, with the vast majority of the closer seats that will appear on camera being reserved only for families, with at least one adult woman. Single men, who are typically kept separate from women in Saudi culture, were only able to buy tickets farther away, with only about 10,000 of the 50,000 or so seats allocated for them.

The Saudi government is paying WWE a ton of money (currently undisclosed) and are largely subsidizing the ticket prices. Tickets were priced between 10-20 Saudi riyal, which is about $2.67-$5.34 USD.

Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali and More

Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, Mark Henry and Shane McMahon may be involved in the event. They haven’t been officially announced, but the WWE Network sign-up page has an image that shows them all among the wrestlers being promoted for the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Set Construction

Here’s a video of the set construction so far:

Saudi Tryouts

WWE is holding tryouts for wrestlers in Saudi Arabia. Triple H and Mojo Rawley, who is an Arab, met with some of the wrestlers at the tryout.