Various: Mike Kanellis on How He’s Used in WWE, Dalton Castle Interview

Mike Kanellis

Mike Kanellis posted his feelings about how he’s currently being used in WWE.

Dalton Castle Interview

Chris Van Vliet interviewed ROH World Champion Dalton Castle backstage at Ring of Honor’s Bound by Honor show in West Palm Beach, FL.

We covered a number of topics including how signing with Ring of Honor got him fired from his day job, how much effort he puts into his ring entrance, whether or not he thinks Velveteen Dream’s gimmick is too similar to his, Bullet Club, the fact that he still watches WWE and much more.

Signing with Ring of Honor got him fired from his day job as a radio DJ:
“I went to the office and I was like ‘I have an offer from a wrestling company and I’m probably going to take it. I just want to let you know it requires me to be on the road a couple of weekends a month.’ They were like ‘Yeah, that’s cool. That’s great.’ I signed my Ring of Honor contract on a Saturday and came in Monday and got fired. I was told my position had been eliminated.”

Does he think Velveteen Dream’s gimmick is similar to his?
“I don’t see that. He’s kind of playing up a Prince thing, right? Is he coming out with Boys? Then alright, we’re cool.”

On feeling the pressure since becoming the Ring of Honor World Champion:
“Before I was Champion, it didn’t matter if I messed up. I could go out there and if I pulled off a really great match, that was great, but if I didn’t that was fine too because there was no risk. Now that I’m the Champion, I feel like every time I’m out in the ring I have to prove to everybody that I belong there. There’s no room for error anymore. I have to be the best wrestler I can be every time I hit the ring because as long as that Championship is around my waist, people are going to be doubting me or looking at me or wondering why.”

Does he still watch WWE?
“I watch all wrestling, it doesn’t matter what company it is. I’m the World Champion of Ring of Honor and I love this place and I’m very, very proud to be a part of it but let’s not forget I love wrestling so if there’s wrestling to be seen, I’m going to watch it.”

How much thought his puts into his ring entrance:
“I take this all very seriously. Even the entrance I take super seriously. Regardless of how silly something looks or how fun it is, this is what I love and I put a lot of work into everything I do; the jumpsuits, the entrance, every move I make out there is because I feel like I’m the best and I want to look the best and I want to be the best.”

How the Bullet Club has helped wrestling:
“It’s mathematically impossible for every member of the Bullet Club to be cool, but they’re all great wrestlers. I respect the hell out of all of them. The Young Bucks have taken all of us and wrestling in general to the next level. To see how they’ve elevated themselves on their own and as they’ve elevated, I feel like all wrestling around them has elevated and I feel like we all owe them a great gratitude for that.”