When Lesnar Re-Signed + Reigns Thought He Was Winning at WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar signed a new deal with WWE at a “higher rate,” according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. However, he doesn’t know if the deal is just for one more match (at Saudi Arabia) or if it’s a longer deal.

It was previously reported by Meltzer that the deal would allow him to fight in the UFC while under WWE contract, which would imply that the deal was for at least several months since Lesnar would have to re-enter the USADA testing pool and serve another seven months of his remaining suspension before being able to fight. However, if it’s just a one match contract, the UFC stipulation wouldn’t really apply or make sense, so the contract length is still not clear right now.

WWE only made a deal to bring back Lesnar on the Raw before WrestleMania and Lesnar signed the contract on WrestleMania Sunday before the match.

Roman Reigns Reportedly Thought He Was Winning the Title at WrestleMania

Roman Reigns showed up to WrestleMania thinking that he was going to win the title that night, Meltzer says, and was only told about the change of plans that day. WWE apparently realized that Reigns was still going to be heavily booed despite all the work they had done all year to try to get people to like him.

The obvious speculation is that a decision was made to have him win at Saudi Arabia instead, where he is far less likely to be loudly booed by a “smark” crowd. But WWE could swerve everyone again, so who knows…