Rumor: Heat on Corey Graves for Saudi Arabia Comments

There is reportedly heat on Corey Graves over some of his commentary at the Greatest Royal Rumble, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The heat stemmed from “a few cryptic comments that seemed like he was having issues” with the whole controversy around the Saudi Arabia show and women not being allowed on the show, according to Dave Meltzer.

The day after the show, Graves also directly criticized Saudi Arabia on his Instagram account.

According to Meltzer, it was made “very clear” that nobody was allowed to publicly say anything and Graves appears to be one of the only people to comment about it, though Sasha Banks did also make a comment on Twitter during the show about how “inspired” she was following one of the grotesque propaganda videos WWE aired that showed a woman crying about how wonderful it was for women to live in Saudi Arabia.

Sources told Dave Meltzer that they understood Graves’ feelings, but felt that they should have been kept private. Some also noted that Graves is “more replaceable than he thinks he is.”