Rumors of Big Cass Suffering a Recent Knee Injury Debunked

Big Cass was rumored to have suffered a knee injury during WWE’s European tour over the weekend, according to fan reports. The injury was reported to have occurred during last Saturday’s SmackDown brand house show in Amsterdam, Netherlands with Big Cass seen visibly limping around during and after his match.

In an update to this situation, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported Big Cass did not suffer an actual knee injury and instead he has just been selling being injured since last week’s episode of SmackDown during the entire week. Big Cass pulled a similar fake injury stunt during yesterday’s SmackDown brand house show in Munich, Germany.

WWE recently implied Big Cass’ injury status is only a storyline after teasing fans to tune in to this week’s episode of SmackDown to see if this injury will affect Big Cass during his upcoming Money in the Bank Qualifying match against Samoa Joe.