Why Kane Was Taken Out of His Match at Extreme Rules

Kane may have a legitimate injury to his left foot, according to PWInsider, and he was in a walking boot backstage at the PPV earlier in the day.

To cover up for the possibly legit injury, WWE did a backstage angle where the Bludgeon Brothers attacked Team Hell No and smashed Kane’s leg in a doorway with a hammer. Kane ended up coming out for the match briefly, wearing a walking boot and limping, but only did a couple of chokeslam spots.

WWE.com posted a storyline update, saying that he suffered a broken ankle because of the attack by the Bludgeon Brothers. While he does reportedly have a legit injury, there’s no word on if it’s actually a broken ankle or something less serious.

Kane suffers broken ankle

At WWE Extreme Rules, Kane suffered an injury at the hands of The Bludgeon Brothers. Despite returning to action to help his Team Hell No tag team partner Daniel Bryan, X-rays taken on The Devil’s Favorite Demon later revealed that he has suffered a broken ankle.

Election day for Knox County mayor is August 2 and Kane is expected to win, so the “broken ankle” is also probably a way to write him off TV for a while.