Interview: Buddy Murphy on NXT Career, Moving to 205 Live, Super Show-Down

Australian news website held a recent interview with Buddy Murphy discussing his NXT career, his reasons for going to the 205 Live brand, and his upcoming Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE’s Super Show-Down event.

On the topic of his career in NXT, Murphy stated being unable to do anything of importance after a while in NXT motivated him to create a new opportunity for himself.

“I was obviously in NXT for a while and had some success, but then I found myself lurking in the shadows and not really doing much. I took in upon myself to create an opportunity. I dropped about 25 pounds, I got an opportunity, I took it and now I’m trying to create a brand.”

On the topic of his reasons for moving to the 205 Live brand, Murphy stated he felt WWE’s cruiser division was a better fit for his style of wrestling than NXT.

“I always watched 205 Live on the sidelines. It’s more my style, I like the quick and innovative moves. I just thought the brand was going to thrive and I wanted to be a part of it. I pitched the move [to WWE] and I kind of took it upon myself. When I first said it they said no, but I dropped the weight myself and gave them no excuse.”

On the topic of WWE’s upcoming Super Show-Down event, Murphy stated he considers being able to compete for a title in his hometown of Melbourne to be like a WrestleMania moment for him.

“Getting the chance to wrestle in the middle of [Melbourne Cricket Ground], doing what I do, in my home city – that’s WrestleMania for me. It doesn’t get much better than that.”