Videos: Top 10 Entrance Ramp Ambushes, Sheamus Works Out With Carmella

“Entrance ramp ambushes: WWE Top 10”

“The narrow confines of the entrance ramp make it an ideal space to trap a Superstar. Here are 10 entrance ramp ambushes of unlucky competitors with no way out.”

Sheamus Works Out With Carmella

Carmella was featured in Sheamus’s “Celtic Warrior Workouts” YouTube series.

“They say Mella is Money. Well, in the gym, Carmella most certainly is… She’s currently working on growing her butt using intense glute workouts 3 times a week. So I decided to check-in with her in Michigan thinking I could plain sail through her booty workout given I can squat big numbers. How wrong was i… Yup. Once again, The Celtic Warrior got his butt-kicked by a girl half his size. Will I ever learn? Brave Change.”