Austin Aries Could Be Back With Impact Eventually

Impact Wrestling is “very high on” Austin Aries, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and Dave Meltzer’s “sense is he’ll be back.”

Aries’ contract has legitimately expired, though. After losing the world title to Johnny Impact at Bound for Glory two weeks ago, Aries “stormed off” after the match, flipping off management and the crowd. He then was not at the Impact TV tapings the next day, despite reportedly originally being written into the show, which then had to be re-written.

Despite all this, there’s a sense that this could sort of be a “worked shoot.” The Aries vs. Johnny Impact feud had that feeling throughout, with them taking really personal shots at each other on Twitter (not approved by Impact Wrestling) and Impact then using that heat to build up their feud on TV.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Aries has been retweeting all of the hate he’s been getting for “disrespecting the business.”