Jeff Cobb on Possible Future in WWE and Dream Matches for His Career

A recent episode of The Jim Ross Report had Jeff Cobb as the guest and some of the topics discussed included his thoughts on a possible future in the WWE and who he considers to be dream opponents in the WWE.

On the topic of a possible future in the WWE, Cobb stated working for the WWE is among the goals he has for his overall wrestling career.

“I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to go there. I’ll date myself, but WWF is the reason why I fell in love with pro wrestling, so I’d be a liar if I’d said, ‘no, I never want to go there.’ I would love to go there. Again, like, that’s the ultimate test right there. And, I think, again, getting out of the comfort zone, going to a huge global company like that would definitely be on my bucket list.”

On the topic of who he considers to be dream opponents for a potential career in the WWE, Cobb stated Samoa Joe and Cesaro as his choices.

“I would definitely love to wrestle with Samoa Joe. I think that would be a fun time. I get that comparison a lot on the independents. I would also love to wrestle Cesaro. I think he’s super talented. He’s just really good and I would love to have that match with him.”