ROH Survival of the Fittest Results – Nov. 4, 2018 – Six-Way Elimination Match

November 4, 2018
Columbus, Ohio – Express Live!

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Quick Match Results

  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – Christopher Daniels defeated Beer City Bruiser via pinfall
  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – Hangman Page defeated Colin Delaney and Dalton Castle via pinfall
  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – Jonathan Gresham defeated Tracy Williams via submission
  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Andrew Everett and Flip Gordon via pinfall
  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – PJ Black defeated Luchasaurus via pinfall
  • Survival of the Fittest Round 1 – Marty Scurll defeated Silas Young and Stuka Jr. via pinfall
  • Madison Rayne defeated Britt Baker via pinfall
  • ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship match – The Kingdom defeated The Elite (c) via pinfall
  • Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb defeated So Cal Uncensored via pinfall
  • Survival of the Fittest 2018 Finals Six-Way Elimination – Marty Scurll defeated Christopher Daniels, Hangman Page, Jonathan Gresham, Guerrero Maya Jr., and PJ Black

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
Beer City Bruiser vs. Christopher Daniels

Scorpio Sky informs the crowd that this is the worst town they’ve ever been in, but Daniels says nonetheless, this is a badass town full of badass wrestling fans, and that makes it a perfect town for the World Tag Team Champions of the World to watch the Fallen Angel win Survival of the Fittest, and then go on to become the World Champion. Kazarian has three letters for us, and the fans sing along.

Bruiser comes out, and the match gets underway, with Bruiser getting the jump on Daniels and hitting a corner avalanche for 2. Second rope Vader splash gets another 2 for Bruiser. Daniels avoids an elbowdrop and tries a couple of running forearms to no avail, but uses his speed to avoid some wild wings and hit a leaping enziguiri. Daniels goes for Angel’s Wings, but Bruiser backdrops and lands back first on Daniels, crushing him. Bruiser goes to the top rope forthe splash, but Daniels rolls out of the way. Daniels hits the BME for a quick win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Pinfall.

Well, they didn’t waste any time, but they packed a ton of great action into what they had. The announcers are playing up that Daniels took such a pounding that he might not have much left for the finals.

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
Hangman Adam Page vs. Colin Delaney vs. Dalton Castle

Can you believe it’s already been over ten years since Delaney had his run in WWE’s ECW? The announcers make a big deal out of the huge wrap on Dalton’s leg, and the fact that he’s wearing his t-shirt during the match and speculate that he’s got another wrap under it to protect his back since this is his first match back. Dalton quickly clears both Page and Delaney out of the ring, teases a dive, then changes his mind and struts instead. Delaney armdrags Dalton out, and Page comes in and boots Delaney right in the face. Page puts the boots to Delaney in the corner, then hits a bridging fallaway slam for 2. Dalton goes for a quick cover on Delaney, and of course Page breaks that up. Dalton gets sent back to the outside, then Page turns Delaney inside out with a hard clothesline. Dalton is back in and goes face to face with Page, and they trade right hands in the middle of the ring as the announcers point out that Dalton’s back wrap is now visible poking out under the back of his shirt. Dalton and Page trade big boots, then they dodge a double missile dropkick attempt from Delaney. Delaney hits a twisting stunner on Page, then one on Dalton, then snaps Dalton’s neck down on the top rope before springboarding in with another stunner to Page for 2. Delaney and Page go up top, Dalton joins them, and they go for a double superplex on Page. Page fights them off, so Delaney hits Dalton with a sliding German suplex, then goes to the floor where Page hits the shooting star press off the apron. Page is taking it to both opponents and nearly gets a pinfall off a dropsault on Delaney for 2. Delaney blocks the Rite of Passage, but eats a missile dropkick in the corner, then Dalton hits a gutwrench powerbomb on Delaney for a very close 2. Dalton hoists Delaney back up to his feet, drills him with a running knee, then hits a diving knee off the apron on Page before taking Delaney out with a dive to the floor. Dalton with a twisting bulldog on Delaney for another close 2. Dalton slaps Delaney around before going for the Bangarang, Delaney breaks it up, everyone goes at it in the ring hitting big moves on each other, and Page takes them both out with the slingshot lariat. Page hits the Rite of Passage on Delaney, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall.

A bit disjointed at times, but a good match, and if Dalton isn’t still far from 100%, they did a great job making us think he is.

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs. Jonathan Gresham

They go right to the mat, with Williams getting an early advantage. Gresham goes to his ankle to break that up and torques pretty heavily on Tracy’s leg, but Williams gets loose and regains top control on Gresham. Williams goes to a Fujiwara armbar, and we get a rope break. Williams shoves Gresham, Gresham shoves back and tries a kick, but Williams catches the foot and dishes out some chops on Gresham before folding him in half with a backdrop suplex for 2. Williams ties Gresham up on the mat again, but Gresham goes to the arm and winds up taking another suplex as a result. Williams covers for 2, then drills Gresham with a hard right hand, but Gresham comes off the second rope with a dropkick, and Williams is rattled. Gresham with a running chop in the corner, a second, then Gresham runs right through a chop from Williams to hammer him with yet a third big chop. Gresham finally powers Williams up into a suplex and covers for 2. Gresham punts the elbow of Williams and goes for the Royal Octopus, Williams blocks it and goes to the second rope, but Gresham dropkicks his injured arm and goes for a superplex. Williams blocks and gets an IMPLANT DDT ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! YIPES! Williams comes off the top rope with a second DDT for 2. Gresham counters a fireman’s carry to an arm crank, but Williams pops him back up, Gresham tries a Frankensteiner, Williams rolls through into a sunset flip for 2, then gets a DVD on Gresham for another 2. Gresham blocks a piledriver, they trade forearms, Gresham blocks another piledriver attempt, back to trading shots, Gresham hits a leaping enziguiri, Williams hits a roaring lariat, and Williams finally gets the piledriver, but only gets 2. Williams is dumped to the floor, Gresham hits a flying knee off the apron and rolls Williams back in, Gresham goes to the top for a crossbody, Williams rolls through and gets 2. Gresham with a backslide for 2, a kneedrop to the bad arm, and Gresham gets the Royal Octopus and pounds on the bad arm until Williams taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via Submission.

That was an AMAZING match! If you didn’t know Tracy Williams before, you know him now. Great debut.

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
Andrew Everett vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Flip Gordon

Everyone takes turn hitting spots, and Gordon and Everett have an extended sequence with neither man getting an advantage, then Maya comes in for a triple dropkick they all miss, and we’re at a stalemate. Everett and Gordon work together on Maya, but they both stop each other from getting the fall, so they turn on each other and trade forearms instead. Everett knocks Gordon to the floor, then Maya comes in and gets the advantage on Everett until Gordon comes back in with a springboard dropkick. Everett catches Gordon with a Lionsault for 2, then he no-sells some chops from Everett and gives him a sort of slingshot hiptoss for 2. Gordon is in and Maya cleans house on both men with tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, then gets 2 on Everett. Maya takes them both out with a top rope dive to the floor, then Gordon takes Maya out with a top rope moonsault to the floor, then Everett comes off the top with a shooting star press to the floor. Back into the ring, Everett goes to the top but gets dropkicked off by Gordon, who quickly goes to the top and hits a…nothing, because Bully Ray is in the fron row throwing streamers at Gordon. Gordon hits the 450 splash, but instead of going for the cover, he springboards out of the ring to take a shot at Bubba, and Bubba knocks him out in midair. Everett comes off the top with a shooting star press, Maya dodges and hits a double underhook shoulderbreaker for the win.

Winner: Guerrero Maya Jr. via Pinfall.

It was a lucha match, but MAN was that a nasty bump Gordon took when he went after Bubba at the end. The front row where Bubba is standing is elevated a few feet off the ground behind a metal railing, and Gordon bounced off the rail and then smacks his face on the concrete underneath when he comes down. Ian and Colt are on screen putting over what a nasty bump that was, and they hope to have an update on him later tonight.

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
“Darewolf” PJ Black vs. Luchasaurus

Black tries to get cute with Luchasaurus, and eats a kick to the chest as a result. Luchasaurus with a big shot in the corner, and Black tries a springboard something from the apron, but Luchasaurus superkicks him to the floor. Black asks for a timeout, but Luchasaurus hits a moonsault off the apron that wipes Black out. Back into the ring where Luchasaurus hits shotgun knees in the corner and a roaring Yakuza kneestrike for 2. Luchasaurus goes for a chokeslam, but Black reverses to a victory roll for 2. Black with a Lionsault for 2. Black with a top rope double stomp for 2, then he goes right back up for the 450, but Luchasaurus sits up, roars at him, and hits a standing Spanish Fly when Black leaps at him, and gets 2. Luchasaurus picks Black up by the neck and grabs his beard, but Luchasaurus just pulls his hands off and hits a leaping spinkick, a pop-up kneestrike, and a spinning back kick. Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam and a standing moonsault for 2. Luchasaurus goes for a cutthroat driver, Black slips out, Luchasaurus gets a back elbow, hangs Black in the Tree of Woe, superkicks him in the face, and picks him up to hit a Tombstone. Luchasaurus goes to the top rope, nearly slips off, and misses a shooting star press. Black quickly covers and gets the win.

Winner: PJ Black via Pinfall.

That match was a lot of fun, Luchasaurus has a terrific look and persona, he was way over with the live crowd as well.

Survival of the Fittest 2018 First Round
Silas Young vs. Stuka Jr. vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

Rhett Titus comes out to flex for the fans, and he joins the announce team for our next match.

Titus is now standing at the broadcast booth flexing for the fans. Three way brawl breaks out, and Stuka gets an early advantage. Stuka with a double springboard armdrag on both men, then suplexes Scurll onto Young and covers Scurll for 2. Scurll and Stuka trade chops, Scurll drills him with a back elbow, and comes across the apron with a superkick to his face. Young wipes Scurll out with a springboard clothesline and fakes a dive, then takes ping-pong shots from both Stuka and Scurll, who then slingshot him into the concrete under that elevated front row where Bubba was. Scurll and Stuka go back after each other, and both go down after stereo big boots to one another. All three men beat the count, then they go back to beating on each other. Stuka powerbombs Young onto Scurll but Scurll gets Stuka on the top rope and hits a superplex for 2. Young ditches Stuka to the floor, then hits the backbreaker/lariat combo on Scurll for 2. Stuka and Young go at it, Stuka hits a rolling neckbreaker, Young comes off the second rope with a back rake, then hits the Finlay roll and goes for the headstand moonsault, but Scurll kicks him while he’s upside down. Stuka kicks Scurll to the floor and takes him out with a moonsault to the floor, then goes back to the top and hits a diving splash on Young for 2. Stuka and Scurll go back to trading shots, Scurll superkicks Stuka in the face, Young with big boots to both opponents, Stuka turns Scurll inside out with a hard lariat, and he covers for 2. Scurll gets the Graduation on Stuka for the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll via Pinfall.

LOTS of action going on in this one, and the finals are now set.

Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker

Feeling out process to start, they go to the mat and neither woman gets an advantage. Madison gets a backslide for 2, but Baker gets a running neckbreaker, then Madison gets a rolling bridge for 2. Madison with another pair of pinning combinations, but can’t get a pinfall on Baker. Madison with a Marty Jannetty sunset flip under the ropes for 2, but Baker drills her with a big boot to the face for 2. Baker hits a Slingblade on Madison, but only gets 2. Madison ducks a clothesline and hits a leaping enziguiri, and Baker is down. Madison maes a brief comeback, but Baker hits a roaring elbow and a swinging fisherman buster for 2. Baker gets a fireman’s carry and just dumps Madison, but Madison hits the Ace Crusher for a close 2. Madison hits the ropes, but Baker knocks her into next week with a superkick and covers for 2. Baker with a pump handle and launches Madison over her head for another 2. Madison with a northern lights suplex for 2, then hits a kick version of the heart punch and gets the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne via Pinfall.

Good match, and Madison is the first participant in the Four Corner Survival match for the Women of Honor Title at Final Battle. the Twisted Sisters suddenly run in and attack both Madison and Britt.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, & Vinny Marseglia) vs. The Elite (Cody & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)) (c)

We have two referees in this one to ensure there are NO shenanigans. The Bucks completely outmaneuver Vinny Marseglia to start, then to the same with TK, hitting a hanging neckbreaker/senton combo. Taven’s turn, and this time he’s on the receiving end of triple teams from all three members of the Elite. Marseglia demands that cody tag in, and he obliges and immediately tears into Marseglia, then pops him up in a delayed vertical gourdbuster. Marseglia with a leaping knee to Cody’s face, and now Cody is in the wrong part of town. Taven punts him in the face for 2, then hammers Cody with a seemingly endless flurry of right hands. He flips the bird to the Bucks, then goes back to work on Cody. TK distracts one ref while Taven and Marseglia put the boots to Cody, then they go to the outside and take turns ramming Cody into the barricades. The Kingdom swarms Cody like vultures in their half of the ring, and the Kingdom tries to cheat behind one referee’s back, but the other is at ringside and warns them to cut it out. Cody tries to fight his way out of the corner, but Marseglia snaps him over with a suplex for 2. Cody knocks Taven off the apron, tosses TK into the corner, then powerslams Marseglia onto TK, and he makes the hot tag. Matt Jackson cleans house on all three members of the Kingdom, takes Taven out with a baseball slide, standing Sliced Bread #2 to Marseglia, then announces a superkick party, but Taven grabs the ankle and allows TK and Marseglia to get a double flapjack on Matt for 2. All heck breaks loose with all six men in the ring, and all the Elite members get Sharpshooters on all of the Kingdom. Shouldn’t Ezekiel be a member of the Kingdom? Maybe he can be their mouthpiece. Marseglia takes a series of kneestrikes in the corner and a triple superkick, but Taven breaks the cover at 2. TK gets dumped to the floor and Cody takes him out with a dive, and the outside referee takes a shot I missed as Cody hits Marseglia with CrossRhodes. Taven misses a Tidal Krush and the in-ring referee gets wiped out as well. Cody hits CrossRhodes on Taven, but no ref. TK comes in and hits Cody with a baseball bat, drills each of the Jacksons as well, then the Kingdom hits the Rockstar Supernova as a woman in a referee shirt runs out to make a count…then stops at 2. She takes her hat off and we see it’s Brandi Rhodes! The Kingdom is stunned long enough to each get knocked out with a flurry of superkicks, then Cody hits CrossRhodes on TK, and Brandi counts the fall. The bell rings and their music plays, but the original referees seem to be disputing this. the music ends as referees Turner and Sinclair confer. The announcer informs us that Brandi is not a legal official as Taven knocks Brandi out, though we don’t catch quite how. Cody goes to carry Brandi out as Taven apologizes, then lays Cody out with the Climax as TK and Marseglia hit their finish on Matt and get the win.

Winner: The Kingdom via Pinfall to become the new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions.

TK gets the mic after the match and tells us that everybody knows that there’s been a conspiracy against them for the last year, and now they’re three time six man champions, and as far as the conspiracy goes (Marseglia gets the mic) it’s DEAD.

Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb vs. So Cal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

Kenny King, who has an upcoming title match with Lethal for the World Title, joins the broadcast team for our next match.

Lethal and Kazarian start us off and wind up at a stalemate, so Scorpio Sky and Jeff Cobb tag in. I’ve been watching Jeff Cobb for a long time, and anyone who only watches ROH and has never seen him before the last couple of months are in for a treat. Sky tries a shoulderblock, and unsurprisingly, doesn’t budge Cobb at all. A dropkick does, however, but Cobb kips up and then cartwheels through a flying headscissors and dropkicks Sky. Lethal tags in and goes to work on Sky with chops, followed by a Savage back elbow for 2. Kazarian tags in and Lethal doesn’t see it, and Kazarian catches him with a leg lariat, and Lethal is in trouble. Lethal tries to fight his way free, but SCU gets a rolling double leg slam. Lethal takes a beating until hitting an Ace Crusher and making the hot tag to Cobb, who steamrolls over Sky and ragdolls him across the ring with a release belly to belly suplex. Cobb with a spinning back suplex and a standing moonsault for 2. Cobb gets Sky up in a very delayed vertical suplex, DARES KAZARIAN TO COME IN while he has Sky up, then tags Lethal in and passes Sky over to him to continue the delayed vertical. Lethal finally drops Sky and gets 2. That was an awesome spot. Now Sky is in trouble, as Cobb hits another spinning back suplex for 2. Sky tries to get away, Lethal hits him with a leaping enziguiri and a bicycle kick, but Sky flattens Lethal with a hard lariat, and he makes the tag to Kazarian, who cleans house on both opponents. Kazarian hits Lethal and Cobb with a Stunner/DDT combo and covers Lethal for 2. So Cal with a series of double teams on Lethal and Kazarian hits him with an Unprettier for 2. Cobb literally drags Lethal back to their corner to tag in, and he is quickly caught with a double stomp by Sky, followed by a rolling neckbreaker from Kazarian. Cobb suplexes both of So Cal by himself, then Lethal hits Kazarian with Hail To The King and wipes Kazarian out with a dive as Cobb covers for 2. Cobb to the second rope, but Sky catches him with a leaping Frankensteiner, Kazarian slingshots Lethal into the ring for an Ace Crusher, and both Cobb and Lethal wind up on the floor where Sky and Kazarian take them out with stereo dives. The referee has his back turned while the Briscoes come out and Jay throws a chair at the back of Sky’s head, knocking him out. Kazarian sees them and gets distracted, allowing Cobb to hit the Tour of the Islands for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb via Pinfall.

Terrific match, everyone came out looking strong and Cobb showed beyond a shadow of a doubt why he belongs here. The Briscoes yell at SCU after the match and tell them they got what they deserved. Code of Honor is followed after the match, and all four men hold their title belts up.

And with that, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

Survival of the Fittest 2018 Finals Six-Way Elimination
Christopher Daniels vs. Hangman Adam Page vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. “Darewolf” PJ Black vs. Marty Scurll

Daniels and Guerrera start us off, Daniels manages to evade Maya’s movement until Maya catches him with a slingshot splash for 2. Page and Black tag in and Black outmaneuvers Page to get a series of 2 counts, then a double dropkick and neither man connects. Colt and Ian ponder on the possibility of collusion between Scurll and Page as Scurll and Gresham exchange pinning combinations. Gresham gets Scurll up for a superplex, Daniels joins in and…well, everyone comes over for an excessive Tower of Doom until Page tosses them all out of the way annd saves his buddy Scurll. They hug it out and miss Maya heading to the top, where he takes them both out with a double dropkick. Backbreakers for Daniels and Gresham, then a flurry of shots for Black. Black goes up top, and Maya hits a super armdrag for 2. Black pops Maya up into a powerbomb and jackknifes him for the pin.

Elimination #1: Guerrero Maya Jr.

Gresham is in next, Page blind tags in and takes Gresham down with a shoulderblock. Gresham with a springboard headscissors, fakes Page out, and dropkicks him. Scurll comes in illegally, but inadvertently spears Page, leading Gresham to hit a Stunner, enziguiri, and a German suplex. Page comes in with the slingshot lariat to Gresham, and the Rite of Passage finishes him.

Elimination #2: Jonathan Gresham.

Daniels goes over to Black and tries to work out a deal with him since it’s pretty obvious at this point that Page and Scurll are going to work together. Daniels and Scurll go at it, with Scurll locking him down with a side headlock. Daniels counters to a legscissors, Scurll slips out, Black hits a knee to Scurll’s back from the outside, and Daniels hits a clothesline on Scurll for 2. Daniels tells Black to get his boot up and rams Scurll into it, then tags Black in for a double team legdrop. Black with a vertical suplex and rolls through into a kneeling version of the Rings of Saturn. Daniels tags in and hits a slingshot legdrop, then Black tags in and stands on Scurll’s chest for 2 before getting him in the Billy Goat’s Curse, but then gets the arms to surfboard him and pendulum swing him into the bottom turnbuckle. Daniels tags back in and Scurll fights his way free, but Daniels cuts him off as Ian points out that Scurll could very easily tag PJ Black. Hey, that’s a good point! Duh! Double clothesline wipes both men out, and Page fires the crowd up as both men crawl for tags. Daniels tags Black and Scurll tags in Page, who dropkicks Daniels off the apron before going to town on Black with clotheslines. Page takes Daniels out with a dive through the ropes, then back into the ring for more clotheslines. Page hits a dropsault and lands on Black for 2. Black tries a springboard something, but Page boots him right in the chest on the way down. Page goes to the top, Black goes for a superplex, Page shvoes him off, then nails both Black and Daniels with a moonsault. Page with a roaring clothesline on Black and makes a cover, but Daniels breaks it up at 2. Scurll ditches Daniels to the floor, then Scurll superkicks Daniels from the apron and then Page takes him out with a shooting star press off the apron. Black comes in for a quick pinfall attempt, Scurll and Black with a series of reversals, and Scurll winds up on top for 3.

Elimination #3: PJ Black.

The fans don’t seem upset to see Black go, and Daniels is in a real tough spot now. he decides to go right at them, but winds up on the receiving end of a 2-on-1 beating. Scurll throws Daniels out to the floor and rams him into the barricade, then Page gives him one as well. Page and Scurll waste time yelling at a fan, then go back into the ring to put the boots to Daniels. Scurll suddenly rolls Page up for 2, and NOW Page is mad! He shoves Scurll across the ring and yells at him, then Scurll shoves him back, and Daniels uses the opening to take them both out with a double clothesline. Daniels with an awesome move where he gets Scurll in a deathdrop position, then picks Page up in a uranage and drops him on top of Scurll. Daniels rolls Scurll up for 2, then a blue thunder bomb gets 2 on Scurll. Daniels and Scurll trade shots, Scurll tries a European uppercut, Daniels reverses to a backslide, goes for Angel’s Wings, but Page comes in for a slingshot clothesline, Daniels sees him coming and moves, and Page takes Scurll out. Daniels hits a uranage and the BME, and Page is out.

Elimination #4: Hangman Page.

Scurll quickly comes in with the side Package Piledriver for 2, then he goes for the crossface chickenwing, and Daniels slips out and rolls him up for 2. Scurll hits Graduation, and we have our winner.

Winner: Marty Scurll eliminates Christopher Daniels via Pinfall.

Great finals, and Marty Scurll is the 2018 winner of Survival of the Fittest, earning a shot at the ROH World Title.