Team Raw Was Reportedly Also Supposed to Win the Kickoff Show Match

Team Raw was reportedly supposed to win the tag team match on the Survivor Series Kickoff show, but somewhere along the line, there was a miscommunication and Team SmackDown ended up winning, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The storyline for the show was supposed to be a clean sweep for Raw, so WWE ended up with a situation where they had to act like the Kickoff show match didn’t count, saying that Team Raw won the night 6-0.

Here’s what Meltzer said:

“The storyline was supposed to be a clean sweep for Raw. And somewhere in the communications process – don’t ask me why – SmackDown won that tag match. So they had to tell everyone it didn’t count. One hand forgot what the other hand was doing. Vince wanted a clean sweep and I don’t know how this happens, but yeah, so it didn’t count.”

Xavier Woods posted this on Twitter: