Future Uncertain for Lucha Underground and World of Sport

Lucha Underground

Season four of Lucha Underground ended this week and their future on the El Rey Network is up in the air.

The El Rey Network recently hired a new Vice President of Programming and Acquisitions, Mauricio Rios. The former person in that position, Dan Kozlowski, was the main person responsible for keeping Lucha Underground on the network and for continuing to fund the show, albeit on a smaller budget, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It’s unknown if El Rey’s new Vice President holds a similar level of enthusiasm for Lucha Underground. However, El Rey officials also reportedly have plans to expand the amount of original content on the network starting next year, although it is unknown if Lucha Underground is included in these new plans.

World of Sport

In regards to another wrestling company also facing an uncertain future, Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the lack of announcements by ITV for tapings for a second season of World of Sport is not a good sign for its future. Meltzer said that he believes that unless an announcement about the tapings is made soon, the ideal situation of having a second season air by the time of next year’s World of Sport tour to help promote ticket sales for the tour will not be possible. Making things worse, advance sales for next year’s tour have not been good with one event already canceled and another event moved to a smaller venue due to poor ticket sales.