NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Results – Jan. 26, 2019 – Tommaso Ciampa vs. Aleister Black

January 26, 2019
Phoenix, AZ – Talking Stick Resort Arena
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Quick Match Results

  1. NXT Tag Team Championship: War Raiders defeated The Undisputed Era (c) via assisted top rope leg drop on O’Reilly to win the titles (16:57)
  2. Matt Riddle defeated Kassius Ohno via elbow strikes to the head (9:17)
  3. NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano defeated Ricochet (c) via Slingshot DDT to win the title (23:34)
  4. NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) defeated Bianca Belair via Kirifuda Clutch (16:25)
  5. NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) defeated Aleister Black via the Fairytale Ending (26:31)

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) (c) vs. War Raiders

War Raiders entered with vikings at their side… War Raiders controlled the match early on until Hanson tried to somersault through the middle rope onto the outside, but Roderick Strong moved and Hanson landed hard on his back. After a flurry of back and forth moves, War Raiders hit a pop up double team powerslam on O’Reilly, then Hanson hit a suicide dive on Strong, which lead to an NXT chant, but O’Reilly kicked out at 2. Top rope splash by Hanson on O’Reilly, but Strong broke up the pinfall. A little later, Hanson went to the top again, but Strong ran up and hit the big man with a suplex off the top… crazy. Crowd chanted “this is awesome.”

Undisputed Era hit the high-low on Hanson, but he kicked out. Mauro wondered if anyone has ever kicked out of that move. Hanson then hit a double elbow on O’Reilly and Strong. Rowe came in and hit a powerslam / powerbomb combo on both Strong and O’Reilly. He lifted O’Reilly up and Hanson went to the top rope and hit a leg drop on him… 1-2-3.

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champions: War Raiders (16:57)

Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

Matt Riddle hit some quick offense early, but Ohno took control when he put the ring skirt over Riddle’s face and stomped on his head. The crowd didn’t seem to care much about this match early after going crazy for the opener, but they won them back. Ohno legit stomped on Riddle’s mouth, causing him to bleed. Riddle tried to lock on a choke hold, but Ohno stomped on Riddle’s bare foot… But Riddle escaped and hit a sweet ass bridging German suplex. Later, Ohno bit Riddle’s foot… Very good. Ohno hit a top rope moonsault, then tried a senton but Riddle caught him with a chokehold.

Riddle stared down at Ohno as Ohno was on his knees. Ohno asked for mercy and put out his fist for a fist bump… but Riddle nailed him with a knee to the face, then a brutal sleeper hold suplex, dropping Ohno on his head. Riddle got on Ohno’s back and started hitting him with elbow strikes to the head and Ohno tapped…

Winner: Matt Riddle (9:17)

Backstage: Velveteen Dream

Backstage, Velveteen Dream stepped out of a limo with two women on his arms.

NXT North American Championship
Ricochet (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

Early on, Gargano tried multiple hurricanranas, but Ricochet landed on his feet each time, to the crowd’s delight. A few minutes in, Gargano tried to lock on the Gargano Escape, but wasn’t able. Ricochet tossed Gargano over the top and he landed awkwardly on the apron and floor. Ricochet went to the top, but Gargano stopped him and went for a Frankensteiner, but Ricochet blocked it and went for a powerbomb, but Gargano reversed it into a Frankensteiner, but Ricochet landed on his feet again… Nice.

Ricochet springboarded off the ropes but Gargano caught him and locked on the Gargano Escape… but Ricochet was able to get up, deadlifting Gargano, and suplex him into the turnbuckles. Ricochet went to the top to hit a 630, but Gargano rolled out of the ring, but Ricochet dived over the ring post to the outside onto Gargano. Sweet… Back in the ring, Ricochet went for a moonsault, but Gargano got his knees up.

Superkick by Gargano, knocking Ricochet out of the ring. Suicide dive attempt by Gargano, but Ricochet caught him on his shoulders, which somehow turned into an insane reverse hurricanrana on the outside. Jesus…

Back in the ring, Gargano hit a slingshot DDT, but Ricochet kicked out, causing the crowd to erupt. Gargano pulled off the padding on the floor on the outside and went for a DDT on Ricochet, but he escaped. Ricochet then went for a Phoenix splash, but Gargano moved. Ricochet then was able to lock on the Gargano Escape out of nowhere, but Gargano grabbed the bottom rope.

Later, Gargano hit a vertical suplex on Ricochet on the exposed floor on the outside… Damn. Gargano jumped over the top rope and nailed Ricochet with a slingshot DDT… 1-2-3. Sweet match that definitely lived up to the expectations.

Winner and New NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano (23:34)

NXT Women’s Championship
Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Bianca Belair

Early in the match, as they fought on the outside, Baszler grabbed Belair’s ponytail and pulled her into the ring post. In the ring, Baszler bent Belair’s arm back and stomped down on it. Baszler continued to pound away at Belair for a few minutes, then taunted her, saying that she was “O-VER-RA-TED” but Belair slapped her in the face and hit her with a spear, taking control of the match for a bit… until she went for a splash and Baszler got her knees up.

Baszler went to punch Belair, but Belair whipped her in the stomach with her ponytail, leaving a legit cut. Baszler knocked Belair into the referee, taking her out. Belair hit the KOD and went for the pin, but the ref was out.

Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke then ran out, but Belair made easy work of them. Baszler then locked on the Kirifuda Clutch, just as the ref got back up. But Belair was able to get up on her feet and escape, hitting Baszler with a suplex.

Belair went to the top rope, but Jessamyn Duke got on the apron. Belair kicked her away and went for a 450 splash, but missed and Baszler locked on the Kirifuda Clutch again… Belair tried to fight out of it… she tried to get on her feet, with Baszler on her back, but she fell down… She tried again, getting on her feet this time, but she fell backwards… and she was out. Good job in this match of making Belair look like a star.

Winner: Shayna Baszler (16:25)

NXT Championship
Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Aleister Black

Velveteen Dream was shown sitting at ringside. Black controlled the match early, but Ciampa smashed his leg into the steps on the outside, then suplexed him leg first into the steps. Ciampa then continued to relentlessly attack Black’s leg for like 10 minutes straight. Black tried to fight back a few times, but his leg kept giving out.

Ciampa went for the “Fairytale Ending,” but Black escaped. Black tried for the Black Mass, but Ciampa attacked him before he could try. Later, Black removed his knee pad and hit Ciampa with a jumping knee strike to the back. He then hit a moonsault off the middle rope to the outside. There was water on the floor on the outside for some reason and Black slightly slipped up on it. He got back into the ring and Ciampa immediately hit him with the Fairytale Ending, but Black kicked out.

Ciampa pulled off the padding on the outside, exposing the concrete floor. But Black suddenly jumped off of the apron and nailed Ciampa with double knees. Back in the ring, Black hit the Black Mass out of nowhere. Black rolled over to try to cover him, but Ciampa rolled over on his stomach.

Black went for another Black Mass, but the referee got in the way and Black wasn’t able to connect. Ciampa hit a draping DDT, then the Fairytale Ending, but Black kicked out! Ciampa looked shocked, and hit another Fairytale Ending. He went for another, but Black kicked him in the head, then went for the Black Mass again, but his knee gave out… Ciampa hit another Fairytale Ending… 1-2-3.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa (26:31)

Ciampa celebrated down the ramp after the match. The copyright stuff showed up in the corner… and Johnny Gargano suddenly walked out from behind Ciampa. They looked at each other… Gargano raised his NXT North American title and Black smiled, raising his NXT title as the show went off the air.